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Sat, Jul 29



How to plug into abundant flow?

Restoring abundance, prosperity, and wellness

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How to plug into abundant flow?
How to plug into abundant flow?

Time & Location

Jul 29, 2023, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


About the Event

How do we plug into abundant flow? The existing paradigm is designed to highlight limitation and separation? Although we are being triggered into survival, there exist in us an axis that connects us to abundant flow. The survival and 3D axis may be dominant, but the FLOW AXIS is also accessible. We have been domesticated to believe in lack and limitation. Somehow our consciousness has been highjacked to accept that resources are limited. Therefore, to have plenty is a rarity that only a few lucky and privileges can achieve. However, this is not the nature of our Universe. There are enough resources for everyone on earth to exist in abundant flow.

Do not limit what we are talking about with just money. This is only one aspect of a kaleidoscope of blessings. Money is a symbol for exchange and may represent the difference between having or not having physical comfort. The SOURCE of it all is something else. Think of all the money, precious metals and stones, mineral resources, agricultural and energy abundance that exist in our planet and in fact the entire Universe. They all emanated from one SOURCE. Add to that health, wellness, happiness, joy, love, serenity, knowledge, gratitude, and all the higher virtues; they also come from the SAME SOURCE that is endlessly GIFTING the Universe with abundant flow and blessings.

In the Hindu tradition, she is represented by GODDESS LAKHMI: the goddess of abundance, prosperity, and good fortune. Most think of Lakhmi as the Goddess of money, but in truth, she has 1,008 different aspects which is consistent with the expanded scope of blessings stated above. In ancient times, she was known as GODDESS FORTUNA or represented by the CORNOCOPIA, HORN OF ABUNDANCE, OR PLENTY from which all gifts sprang including LIFE itself.

Any false beliefs and negative filters on any one of the 1,008 aspects will restrict the flow of the entire system.  I have known many wealthy individuals that were poor of health or happiness. They had money, but they did not exist in abundant flow. You can be rich and exist in poverty consciousness.

How do we remove negative filters or lenses that may exist on this flow? Let us start at the beginning. Before there was time and space, there existed only an Infinite Desire to Give a noting else. That Infinite Desire to Give was not self-aware for you need to have a mirror to know that you are. So, it emptied a place and manifested a reflection: an Infinite Desire to Receive. The Desire to receive wanted and the Giver instantly manifested the gift. All was well until the Receiver begun to feel the need to give back. Undeservedness showed up for the first time. The shame became so big that the Receiver finally said to the Giver NO MORE GIFT. That restriction in the flow of receiving is the beginning of all the blockages that we are all experiencing to this day. Restoring a right relationship to the Giver and allow ourself to receive without shame will heal everything.

Additionally, we need to emancipate our understanding of money and good fortune. It does not come simply from men, a job, or hard work. Rather, it is forged in a new relationship to the Horn of Plenty or the Cornucopia that will arrange the opportunity for money, health, and love to come to us from the most unexpected sources. Ask the Giver, Divine, and intangible for what you want and the miraculous blessings will manifest.

In this Summit learn:

. What is you currently relationship to money, abundance, and flow?

. Identify the toxic beliefs that are blocking flow.

. What fears does the lack brings up?

. Do you have shame about receiving?

. Release the old toxic belief system by forgiving yourself for it.

. Remove your undeservedness of the blessings.

. Expand your awareness in a true connection to FLOW

. Establishing a connection to the SOURE of all gifts.

. Surrender and accept the flow

. Be grateful for the gift received.

. Existing in effortlessness.

Chernise Spruell, Georgie Ayala, and Pierre Dubois are looking forward to have a heart centered transmission about this timely topic, since we are all have a need to realign our consciousness to true abundance and flow. Join us of the monthly Path of Return Summit on Saturday July 29th, 2023 from 10:00am to 12:00pm EST.



    How to Plug into Abundance Summit: Access to live Zoom Summit only. No recording.

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    How to Plug into Abundance Summit: Access to live Zoom Summit with audio recording replay.

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    How to Plug into Abundance Summit: Access to live Zoom Summit with video recording replay.

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