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Sat, Aug 19



Integrating the Acceleration into Higher Worlds

Learning how to process and surrender our attachments to the 3D world.

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Integrating the Acceleration into Higher Worlds
Integrating the Acceleration into Higher Worlds

Time & Location

Aug 19, 2023, 10:00 AM – 12:20 PM


About the Event

It appears that everything around us is moving at rapid pace. The status quo is being transformed into new paradigms. Rapid changes are afoot in all aspect of life:  economically, socially, politically, energetically, emotionally, psychologically, and climate wise. It is as if someone had put an accelerant in the mix causing multiple reactions to precipitate at the same time. The result is that many of us are not feeling safe. What was foundational and solid for us are being uprooted by overnight and often catastrophic changes that human consciousness is having a hard time to process and integrate. We are losing our control and grip on how to explain what is happening to us.

As Homo Sapiens our continual existence is predicated on our cunning and ability to adapt. Although not having any natural defenses, we have managed to use our intellect to predict the future thus becoming the dominant species. The problem now is that the speed and scale of the current changes are beyond the ability of our intellect to process and create an adaptable response. Attempts at managing and controlling these rapids changes are failing. This will generate a large fear response.

I have spoken to many that are so scared that they are perceiving the world as hostile to their continual existence. They are thinking they don’t belong in the world anymore.

We are moving from 3D into 5D and beyond. This is a huge leap into an undefined and unknown reality. Our cunning and intellect alone are not capable to cross that rift. We have to us inner abilities that may not be dominant to help us find a bridge into the ASCENDED TOMORROW. The 4D world and above are beyond the intellect to process. Our intellect cannot navigate to these shores. We have to go deep within.

Chernise Spruell, Georgie Ayala, and Pierre Dubois are looking forward to the next SUMMIT to share with you a balance conversation about this topic. We will help show you how to INTEGRATING THE ACCELERATION INTO HIGHER WORLDS. Join us of the monthly Path of Return Summit on Saturday August 19th, 2022 from 10:00am to 12:00pm EST.

How to integrate and process the rapid changes? Learn the following:

. Are you SAFE?

. Stop denying that you are afraid.

. The fear and discomfort are the teachers.

. Acknowledge that the changes are beyond your ability to manage alone

. Breath control to help you accept your vulnerability

. Listen and become a witness to your fears

. Become emotionally, socially, and spiritually intelligent

. Lean into the emerging knowing that is appearing on the horizon

. The future is not malevolent.

. Surrendering our attachments to the 3D world.

. Cultivate your relationship to your HIGHER POWER

. Understand that you are going to multiple ego death experiences

. What is leaving is not needed and what is emerging is the bridge that I need

. Acknowledge the Divine and external accelerants.

. Doing the real work of processing and healing the 3D old beliefs.

. Having physical, emotional, and spiritual agility.

We do hope that you can join us for the next SUMMIT and we thank you for having participated in our previous monthly gathering. We love you so much.



    Integrating the Acceleration into Higher World: Access to live Zoom Summit only. No recording.


    Integrating the Acceleration into Higher World: Access to live Zoom Summit with audio recording replay.


    Integrating the Acceleration into Higher world: Access to live Zoom Summit with video recording replay.




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