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Tue, Mar 12



Service Work for the Liberation of Humanity

Prayers, Meditations, and Group Work for Planetary Healing

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Service Work for the Liberation of Humanity
Service Work for the Liberation of Humanity

Time & Location

Mar 12, 2024, 7:00 PM – May 28, 2024, 9:00 PM


About the Event

Prayers, Meditation, and Spiritual Practices for Planetary Healing

The pace of change and transformation that is taking place around the world is so accelerated that human consciousness is having a hard time adjusting to it. We cannot process or assimilate relentless changes and transformation without the time to integrate with clarity, insight, and understanding. Everything that is happening will ultimately be for our benefit. However, as these events are demolishing the status quo; they are not appearing like blessings. Rather, they feel like curses.

It takes a special kind of man/ woman to go deep into his soul and seek the inner guidance that will explain the benefits of the transit into the New Earth. Even for this seeker, the noise and distraction created by these rapid changes are to stimulating to allow proper inner processing. He needs to double his boundaries and guard his consciousness from the fears that such unprocessed emotions can create. Put differently, he needs to make sure that he is not purging to fast. Moving too quickly can cause a psychotic, emotional, and spiritual breakdown.

It takes a lot of skill and growth to slow down the speed at which our karma is being presented to us. Only a dedicated seeker will be able to do this, whereas, the rest of the world will be completely emotionally reactive to the fears that these changes are igniting in them. The result of this lack of clarity: the polarization, tribalism, and division that humanity is going through, now.

The world is in great need of true leadership to guide the planet into neutrality and reconciliation. That leadership is not just about telling others what they should do and how they should feel. Rather, it is about the acceptance of the vulnerability of others, none judgment, compassion for the struggle of others, and the guidance and support into emotional healing and repair.

Some parts of this are about the emotional, social, and spiritual intelligence of the leader to HOLD SPACE and LOVE his lock. The leader needs to be VISIONARYand see his flock NOT broken, but HEALED and RECONCILED. By his love, he creates ENTRAINMENT and his circle of influence will find a way to know what he knows.

The SERVICE WORK that the leader needs to render for the world is as critical as his own inner healing. Spirituality and enlightenment are not just about our personal inner journey, but are about sharing with the world the liberation that we know. We can only keep what we are willing to give away. Half of the path is about SERVICE.

Join us on March 12th, 2024 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM EST for a 12 weekly sequential training about SERVICE WORK FOR THE LIBERATION OF HUMKANITY. I look forward to share with you some deeper insight about the Nature of true SERVICE.

You will have access to the live Zoom online events. If you are in a diffrent time zone, the recording will be available the next day.  

I will share with you some of my own channeled prayers, meditations, spiritual practices, and guidance for group work for the attainment of WORLD PEACE. In the process of giving to the world, our ego can easily be triggered as well:

. Learn how to give from GOD instead of giving from self?

. My neighbor is a reflection of me

. Walking away from martyrdom and sacrifice.

. Be empathic to the suffering of the world and yet be detached from outcome.

. You have no special power: all healing comes from GOD.

. Healing of all kind is simply LOVE.

. You are just the lens that focuses GOD’s love into the world.

. Let us pray, meditate, and heal for the world: the practice.

. When two or more do the practice together, the broadcast becomes exponential.

. Finding your prayer buddies.

. Moving in lock steps with your core group.

. The power of space holding and entrainment.

. Earth chakras and grid work

. Healing the world.

. The passage into the New Earth.

Here is one of my channel prayers:

“As I sense the fears and panic of the world, Lord

Grant me the detachment not to empath the fear

The strength and resiliency to be a good shepherd

The patient to help humanity navigate the storms

Speak through me and help them find peace, serenity, and reconciliation.

Help me show them neutrality as a way to respond to injustices without zealotry and emotional blindness.

For responding to fear with fear creates an equally toxic dynamic. Balancing fear with wisdom and love repair and heal the illusion of separation that divides us.

Lord, I am not certain that I can accomplish this task for I am just a man, but in you Lord, I completely surrender myself and my mission.

Guide my path, Lord and fortify me that I may do your work and help heal humanity.


I look forward to seeing you on March 12th for this great and timely exploration. No prior class or training is needed to join this training.



    Access to all online live training. You will receive a video recording of the class the next day. Two more payment due every 4 weeks.

    Sale ended

    Access to all online live training. You will receive a video recording of the class the next day. A one hour private session with Pierre. Two more payment due every 4 weeks.

    Sale ended

    Access to all online live training. You will receive a video recording of the class the next day. Two private sessions with Pierre per month. Two more payment due every 4 weeks.

    Sale ended



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