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Tue, Jun 11



The Anthakaranah the Bridge back to God

The Continuous Chakra Column and its Relationship to the Higher Dimensions

The Anthakaranah the Bridge back to God
The Anthakaranah the Bridge back to God

Time & Location

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Jun 11, 2024, 7:00 PM – Aug 27, 2024, 9:00 PM


About the Event

In our descent from SOURCE, we fragmented and lost our higher virtues, powers, and abilities. One moment, we are vast, infinite, and connected to everything. As we cascaded down the dimensional scale, we broke apart leaving behind many qualities to our formerly unified consciousness. We now exist as a unique and singular expression of the DIVINE, but above us exist a continuous connection to gifts that we left behind. It is not visible or accessible to us, but it is still there waiting for us to claim it back. It is not that we are separated from it as much as we don’t remember that it exists. That access is being restricted by multiple layers of filters, limiting beliefs, and false identities. They are distorted perceptions that we adopted as we descended down the dimensional scale.

The path of descend is also the path of return that we have to reverse engineer to elevate our consciousness back into a higher expression of ourselves. It is known by many manes: the Anthakaranah, the Rainbow Bridge, the Silver Cord, or the Higher Chakras.

Let me use an analogy to explain. Think of a set of Russian nested dolls:  one smaller doll inside a bigger one and topped by another larger one and so on. Our 3D body is the smallest doll, having in its energy body chakras one through seven. Each chakra has emotional, psychological, and identity issues the we need to heal and elevate into. Now the nested energetic doll that is above us has in it, chakra 8 through 15. They too have emotional, psychological, and identity issues that must be healed for us to remember, ground, and anchor the gifts that connect us to our 4D body.  As it follows, the next nested doll on top of the 4D body, holds chakra 16 through chakra 22 and it is our 5D body. This continues all the back to GOD. Every nested doll or higher body is connected to aspects of ourselves in a higher dimension. Think of each higher body as the runs of a step ladder back to GOD.

That endless chakra column is connected by an energetic string often called the silver cord. Think of balls of light connect by and energetic cord. You can consider it to be your CORE or VERTICAL AXIS back to GOD. It is made up of two separate energies: one coming from the earth or SHAKTI and the other coming from GOD called SHIVA. These energies as they flow up and down through us will cross each other and create an illuminated circuit that will manifest a light or radiation at every chakra location. However, the brightness of that glow is contingent on the emotional and psychological maturity that our consciousness holds at that chakra location. For example, if we think sexual expression is bad due to religious or puritan rearing, the second chakra will not glow or rotate properly. Our initial external or past life experiences of the archetypical quality each chakra is trying to gift us will combine with lenses or filters to enhance or hinder the expression of that chakra. This lens or filter effect exists at every chakra all the way back into the bosom of GOD.

Join us on June 11, 2024 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm EST for 12 Week exploration: The Anthakaranah the Bridge Back to God. This will be an in depth look at our CORE and CENTRAL AXIS from the 3D all the way back to God. I will demonstrate how to balance our seven chakras, ground and integrate the higher chakras and the dimensional gifts that they hold.

You can join us ONLINE anywhere around the world and if you are on a different time zone, the recordings are available the next day.

Learn and understand the following:

. The purpose of our chakra system.

. The emotional lens and filter of our chakra system

. The lower and higher octaves of our chakras.

. The kundalini the rise of the celestial serpent.

. Ida and Pingala the Shakti and Shiva current running the Kundalini

. The emotional healing of our seven-chakra system

. The false beliefs that can block the proper functioning of our chakras.

. How the chakra system is a detail blueprint of our core?

. Our higher chakras and the access to higher dimensions

. How to balance and heal our chakra system?

. The nature of our perception in 4D, 5D, and beyond.

. How to install and activate our higher chakras.

. Transcending into Higher Dimensions

I look forward to seeing you and to share with you the love, peace, and wisdom that I know.

Required Reading: The Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith



    The Anthakaranah the Bridge back to God. Access to all Online classes. Two (2) more payment of $264.00 due at the beginning of every month.


    The Anthakaranah the Bridge back to God. Access to all Online classes. Two (2) more payments $465.00 due at the beginning of every month. One (1) Private session with Pierre every month.


    The Anthakaranah the Bridge back to God. Access to all Online classes. Two (2) more payments $672.00 due at the beginning of every month. Two (2) Private sessions with Pierre every month.




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