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Mon, Jan 17


The Third Path

The Third Path

In a sea of change and turbulence in the world: the wisdom and the guidance to find our way into the NEW EARTH.

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The Third Path
The Third Path

Time & Location

Jan 17, 2022, 7:00 PM EST – Apr 04, 2022, 9:00 PM EDT

The Third Path

About the Event

There is a giant schism that is being carved out to separate humanity into two camps. On both sides of this bifurcation, individuals are convinced that they know the ONLY TRUTH. They are emotionally invested in the veracity of their beliefs and that it is the only path forward for the salvation of humanity. They are demonizing the opposite perspective with rage, anger, and self-righteousness. Moreover, as self-appointed God assistants, they are going to do whatever is needed to save the world from eminent doom.

Truth be said both sides are holding but a facet of a complex tapestry. It is like trying to understand a painting while standing one inch from the canvas. You will know everything about what is in your view, but will never understand the composition. Both sides of this divide are being manipulated by a dangerous and ancient enemy of mankind. They are known as the Archons by the gnostic, but are referred to as Wetiko or the Adversary by Native Nations. The Book of Enoch calls them: the Watchers or Inorganic Beings. They are fallen angels, but this was not from the Luciferian fall, but a second fall of 200 chief angels and their choirs.

They are highly intelligent and are master manipulator that cannot create anything, but are capable of corrupting everything by invisibly whispering half-truth to humanity and inflating our emotional reaction into full blown militancy. They are always cloaked and difficult to spot for their specialty is to disguise their emotional influence as an authentic breakthrough and true enlightenment. They corrupt the truth and they are doing this to both sides of this bifurcation. In fact, they have been doing this for eons. They have worked to spread discord, acrimony, and fear on both sides of every human conflicts. They originally manipulated our DNA and have derailed our genetic destiny into our present disempowered condition.

My heart is broken as I am witnessing the radicalization of many love ones, friends, and light workers positioned for battle on this seesaw to the bitter end. Yet the truth path to the NEW EARTH does not exist on this plank. This is a diversion designed to derail us and reverse planetary ascension for as long as we are in fear consumed by rage and anger, we will not find the true path of ascendance.

You are being used. Wake up! You are a pawn on a cosmic chest game. You need to get off this board.

There is a THIRD PATH that exist in EQUANIMITY and NEUTRALITY and this is where the salvation of humanity can be found. It is barely visible for the external, chaotic, and loud karmic events that are scaring humanity are being used by the archons to assign blame and responsibilities on individuals, groups, and collectives. In a 3D consciousness, it is easy to draw an arrow and blame to a bogeyman rather than see these planetary catastrophic events for what they are: opportunities to find transcendence.

We are besieged by immense crisis: diseases, climate change events, social, political, and financial unrest to name a few. Are these the work of a secret cabal, not really? It is the result of several hundred years of humanity acting from greed rather than from the heart and intuitive knowing. And since we have failed to learn by grace, now the PLANET IS TEACHING US BY KARMA. It is a cosmic correction. Now this is not to say that there are no opportunists that are trying to use these events as a way to make more money. I can tell you that they will fail for greater forces are at work. Humanity is being taught externally by the creation of these events. It is unfortunate that we seem to learn mostly when we are in crisis.

Instead of assigning blame for these extraordinary events, we need to realize that we are afraid and vulnerable. Given all the radical adjustments that we had to make in the past two years, we are collectively experiencing GRIEF and LOSS. It may be the loss of friends, family members, jobs, opportunities, freedom, mobility, and way of life.

That grief is connecting us to a need to survive which the core of 3D consciousness. If we start blaming others, we are permanently stuck on the glue trap of survival. We are not going to find the New Earth there. How can we access 5D consciousness with the emotional maturity and reactivity of the 3D world? However, if we acknowledge our vulnerability and fear over the fact that we have LOST CONTROL and surrender this fear completely to our GOD and HIGHER POWER, we will begin to experience complete transcendence and rest. This is where you step off the hamster wheel and stop being manipulated. This is where you stop being emotionally reactive. This is where true freedom and liberation exist.

This is a powerful state of consciousness for in that rest will come insight into what the entire picture looks like. You will find peace, understanding, wisdom, and neutrality. A way forward will appear to guide your path to an emerging awareness leading you toward the ascended tomorrow. In the blessed field exists a morphogenic awareness composed of endless solution set and possibilities. The nullifying frequency, vibration, and action to cancel your specific external crisis is in there and it will find you.

When enough of us learn how to exist in that state despite the external agitations; THE THIRD PATH and bridge toward the New Earth will become visible. Because this path is so counter-intuitive, we have to become the grounding rod that will demonstrate it to the rest of the planet. As it stands, the world is consumed by an emotional and ideological battle set up. One by one, we have to get off this manipulated and fabricated bifurcation. When 144,000 of us will have done this, the way to the New Earth will become visible to the rest of the world. This is what we signed up for. After all, we are the wayshowers. For 15 years, I have been trying to train and prepare the world for this transit. Initially, I was not heard, but more and more lightworkers are beginning to see the merit and wisdom of this evolution in consciousness.

Here are some clues on how to recognize the influence of the archons. Whatever information, thoughts, and ideas that has reached you with promise of insight and disclosure has to be processed as follow: Is this generating fears in me? Is it demonizing individuals or groups? Am I being rallied to become a militant for that cause? If all three responses are affirmative, it is not of LIGHT. You are probably being influenced. It is a trap. Walk away and whatever vulnerability that this disclosure is showing you, surrender it to your HIGHER POWER. Be wiser and smarter and move into the THIRD PATH.

If any of this resonate with you, join me on a journey of 12 consecutive weekly training on how to clear and demonstrate THE THIRD PATH within you and shine it into the world. The training will begin on January 17th, 2022 from 7:00 to 9:00pm and will continue every week at the same time for a total of 12 weeks. The live online group training will be video recorded and everyone will receive a copy the following day. If you are in a different time zone this could be a viable option for you.

You can sign up for the group online training or add private mentorship sessions with Pierre. See the package options.


Uncloaking the Rift and Separation of our Time:

For the past seven years, I have been channeling predictions that have so far came to be to one degree or another. What is really happening in to the world? What is the extend of the change and transformation that humanity has to go through? How do we learn, evolve, and grow from this? How do we find safe passage through this turbulence? Below are some to the topics that will be covered:

If the destination is the NEW EARTH, what does that landscape look like? The New Earth VS parallel realities.

Learn how to connect to the Blessed Field. Instead of trying to manifest; learn how to surrender and let the Universe bring you into safe shores.

Learn how to stay in your heart while navigating the fears that rapid transformation will create.

Learn how to become emotionally and socially intelligent?

The New Earth is only accessible through our feelings. It is not a mental thing, rather it is a state of openness to the endless possibilities that will emerge when we let go of our attachments to the 3-D reality.

Separating our own feeling from emotions that we are empathing through the group body of humanity.

Separate your authentic feelings from the agitation of fallen being or Archons.

Who are the Archons? What is their agenda?

How do we remove Archon infection from our mind and bodies?

The role that a connection to our HIGHER POWER plays: What is your God Concept?


For the emotional and spiritual shift to occur, you will need to follow and do the assigned daily spiritual practices that will progressively expand your awareness into the THIRD PATH.


The Book of Enoch by Joseph B. Lumpkin

Dispelling Wetiko by Paul Levy

The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda

Tibetan Book of the Dead by Graham Coleman with Thupten Jinpa


Session Number One:

A Planet in Transition: As we transit to the New Earth, the old guards that have vested interest in keeping the status quo are resisting with a full arsenal of tricks designed to hold humanity back. Given the cosmological configuration that the solar system is transit through, the opportunity exists for the whole planet to choose to move into the ascended tomorrow. This processed will be triggered by two events that need to sync with each other. Our solar system moving through the galactic equator and the 144,000 volunteers standing in spiritual rectitude and verticality to serve as the grounding rods to allow the rest of humanity to receive the ascension codes.

Session Number Two:

Emotional Intelligence: The lack of mastery of human emotion is at the root of planetary precipice that we are standing in. There are 7 billion people on earth and each one of us exists in a self-created holographic emotional bubble. Our emotions are busy creating powerful filters and lenses through which we experience our reality. Yet, whatever we experience is not actuality. If the salvation of humanity is a group work, we must first start by rescuing self. This can only happen by the control and mastery of the emotional filter or lens that is projecting the hologram that we exist in. Once we are in charge or are at least emotionally intelligent enough to process our emotion, them the group work begins.

Session Number Three:

Social Intelligence: Having learned how to manage your own emotions, it is now important that we develop the empathy to sense and perceive the emotional state of our family, friends, and of humanity. This is not a matter of scanning others, but rather it is about understanding that our sovereignty and actions does influence the life of others. It is about taking into consideration how your emotional state and actions must take into consideration the people, animal, planet and Universe that you exist in.

Session Number Four:

Spiritual Intelligence: You are a soul extension in a body of 144 other fragments that are located at as separated individuals in all dimension of time and space. Originally, each fragment existed in the vibration and frequency of a Higher Emotion. Here is a list of the 12 primary Higher Emotions: Peace, Love, Mastery, Control, Obedience, Wisdom, Harmony, Gratitude, Justice, Reality, Vision, and Victory. We may have a dictionary definition of these virtues, but the visceral knowing of them can only be shared with us by the Exercise of Cultivation of the Virtues.

Session Number Five:

The Adversary Part One:They are known by many names in different cultures, traditions, religions, and belief system: The gnostic call them the archons and the native nations wetiko or the adversary. In the Book of Enoch, they are called the watchers. For Carlos Castaneda and the shamanistic tradition, they are known as the inorganic beings. They were celestial, astral, or angelic beings that were created for a prescribe purpose. They abandoned their original role and purpose and mixed their blood with human blood and in the process derailed our genetic destiny.

Session Number Six:

The Adversary Part Two: Given the fears that are being generated by chaotic external events, the Archons are using a process called simulacrum to inflate our emotional bodies into maximum fear, panic, and ultimately radicalization. It takes a trained mind to understand the difference between a genuine and authentic feeling and simulacrum.

Session Number Seventh:

The Bardo of Transition into the New Earth: The word bardo actually mean a “gap or space” that exist in the transition between two states. There is a bardo in our breath when we move from inhalation into exhalation. There is bardo when we meditate going from normal and into expanded consciousness. There is a bardo when we are dying going from being alive to our soul letting go of all attachments and there is a bardo when we are reincarnating going from being disincarnate to being alive. All bardo states are confusing to the individual moving through it for the identity that you had before has to transition into the acceptance of a new identity and a different state of being. 

Session Number Eight:

What does the immediate Future Hold? Since 2014, The Galactic Regent Council have been channeling to me yearly predictions about the shift and changes that will happen so that we can be better prepare to elevate our consciousness and not fall in a pitfall of confusion and chaos. For the most part, everything that predicted have occurred. Many of the shocking experiences like earth changes and global pandemic with human die off were coming through in 2016 and at the time I was being accused of fear mongering.

Session Number Nine:

The Galactic Equator Crossing: There is a cosmological event that is about to happen that will place the earth in perfect alignment with the light of galactic core without stars or planets in the way. The Milky Way is a Spiral Galaxy and flat galaxy. The Solar system rotates around the core making a full rotation every 250 million years. During that time frame, the earth and the solar system moves up and down this flat galaxy about every 31 million years. When this occurs the stars and planets that block our direct access to the galactic core light are no longer in the way. This is the Galactic Equator Crossing. What does the actual passage into the New Earth looks like?

Session Number Ten:

Truth, Authenticity, and Transparency: The light of the Galactic Equator radiates: Truth, authenticity, and transparency. But truth is not a fix point or singularity. It is a perpetually expanding spectrum. Being authentic is not about spilling your rage and anger into the world. The proud and public display of one’s mental struggle is narcissistic by nature. Similarly, to be transparent does not mean that one has to share every parent of one’s journey. There is great value in expressing your vulnerability, but exposing everything is not transparency. It is voyeurism.

Session Number Eleven:

The Emerging Knowing Leading into the New Earth: What is the nature of that emptiness and how to we get there. What are the mechanics that will help one let go of self-identity and trust and accept the unknown landscape of this vast field?

Session Number Twelve:

The Bridge: Creating an Ascended Community: Aside from all the psycho-spiritual works and emotional preparation to weather the storms of change; we have to be prepared to take inspired action that will assure our safe passage into the New Earth. An equally important part is to gather into intentional communities to demonstrate to the world what an ascended community could look like. Example: Gaiaville:


  • POWER PASS One payment

    One time payment for 12 live video conferences starting on January 17th, 2022 at 7:00 PM

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  • POWER PASS 3 PAYMENT $264.00

    12 Video conferences Starting on January 17th, 2022 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM (2 more payments of $264.00 due on the first of each succeeding month)

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  • DELUXE PASS One payment

    12 Video Conferences Starting on January 17th, 2022 with 3 - 90 minutes mentorship sessions with Pierre

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  • DELUXE PASS 3 payment of $465.

    12 Video Conferences Starting on January 17th, 2022 with 3 - 90 minutes mentorship sessions with Pierre. (2 more payments of $465.00 due on the first of the succeeding month)

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  • ULTIMATE PASS one payment

    12 Video Conferences Starting on January 17th, 2022 with 6 - 90 minutes mentorship sessions with Pierre

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  • ULTIMATE PASS 3 payments $669.

    12 Video Conferences Starting on January 17th, 2022 with 6 - 90 minutes mentorship sessions with Pierre. (2 more payments due on the first of the succeeding months)

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