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Sun, Apr 25



WESAK 2021

Finding Safe Passage into the New Earth: Learning how to support the emotional neutrality that is needed to navigate the turbulence of our time?

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WESAK 2021
WESAK 2021

Time & Location

Apr 25, 2021, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


About the Event


At the Taurus full moon, usually falling in the month of May, all masters, initiates, lightworkers, world servers, and seekers of truth and enlightenment gather together in the Wesak Valley – in person, out-of-body or in dream-time. The Wesak Valley is located high in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet (currently controlled by China) near Mount Kailas, known by the locals as Mount Kangrinboqe or “Holy Mountain.” It is more than 10,000 feet above sea level and is the center point of planet Earth’s crown chakra. Pilgrims begin to climb this mountain several months in advance to arrive at the exact time of the Wesak Festival. 

The Wesak Valley is accessed through a narrow passage at the northeast and opens into a wide bottleneck shaped canyon. There are no trees growing in it and near the entrance, somewhat in the middle, is a large, natural flat stone. The lamas and pilgrims begin to gather and arrange themselves to the south, leaving the northern section for the higher initiates that position themselves in a semi-concentric circle around the stone altar. At precisely the rising of the full moon, Allah Gobi (the Manu representing the office of God), Lord Maitreya (representing the office of Christ), and Saint Germain (the Manachohan representing the office of the Holy Spirit) gather around the stone altar in a triangular formation that has a crystal bowl filled with water in the center. Lord Buddha then appears and hovers above this bowl and begins to transmit the cosmic, universal and celestial energies and upgrades of God’s plan that are coming to him from source and the universal core. He disseminates it through the water and the three Lords of our world gather around him. The water is then shared with everyone in attendance.

For those of us who will not be making the pilgrimage to the Wesak Valley in Tibet, this is a time to gather in group in your local area to acknowledge and celebrate the divine acceleration for all life on earth with other soul eager to co-create god’s plan on the planet. The gathering of any group desiring to ascend and connect to the spiritual upgrade radiating from the earth crown chakra, in Tibet will create points of resonance on the earth’s grid as the energy of enlightenment travels instantaneously to touch and bless these groups of soul who’s consciousness are in harmony with this Divine Purpose. 



We are holding the 2021 WESAK celebration this year ONLINE on April 25th, 2021 from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST. Due to the global pandemic and social distancing guidlines, we will gather online from around the world to receive the lastest dispensation. channeling, and healing to help us TRANSITION INTO THE NEW EARTH. The cost to the event is $63.00


 Lord Melchior

Channeled by Pierre Dubois

Greeting Beloved, I am Lord Melchior the member of the Galactic Regent Council that oversees the evolution of your solar system. At this moment in time, your world seen to be facing great challenges. For the next six and half years, all institutions, laws, rules, agreements, and norms that were the foundation to your experience of this reality will become undone. As you approach the galactic equator crossing, the 3-D is being pulled apart causing many to experience terror, fear, and unease.

The veils that separated worlds are now thin letting the projections and imprints from lower and higher realities influence your daily experience. Multiple realities are occupying the same space. They will trigger buried and suppressed emotions to resonate with external events that will echo exaggerated responses in an attempt to change your goal, allegiance, and path. Think of each reality as a page in a book. As the pages become thin, the inks from other pages are bleeding into the 3-D page creating overlapping imprints, blurriness, and confusion. The results are chaos, doubts, fears, and emotional instability. Thus, the purpose, intent, influence, and theme of these realities are agitating your experience.

No matter what future that you intellectually align your consciousness to, if you are allow these bleeding imprints to capture, seduce, and occupy your consciousness – by echoing suppressed or repressed emotional issue that exist in you, you will be caught on a trap that no one can release for you. You will end up in a world that may be dramatically different than what you intellectually identify with.

This passage into the New Earth is perilous, dangerous, and filled with powerful and emotionally charged experiences that are being projected from other worlds in an attempt to sort, separate, and capture more souls. The way to overcome is to realize that all these experiences and the emotional triggers that they create are illusions. All experiences in the 3-D reality are convincing illusion. At the root of existence, there is only the indivisible Emptiness and Luminosity. See these triggers as opportunities for you demonstrate your emotional mastery. Moment by moment and experience by experience, you will need to uncloak the illusion and acknowledge the true nature of higher consciousness by surrendering the illusion into endlessness. Do not trust the holographic fabric and creation that your five senses are weaving for you especially when it is triggering you into survival – which is the theme for the 3-D world. Reacting to it would hold you back in the present reality. Rather, surrender EVERYTHING into your HEART and ask your heart and its connection to the Blessed Field to GIVE YOU SAFE PASSAGE INTO THE NEW EARTH.

You will not intellectually discover the path to the New Earth, you can only feel your way into it. A dedicated focus and practice into emotional, social, and spiritual intelligence are necessary for you to learn how to listen to your heart. If you can do this, you will resurrect as the phoenix. Out of the chaos and confusion of this time, you will be reborn into a luminous body. This beloved is how you will evolve to become a HOMO LUMINOUS BEING.

At the time of the galactic equator crossing, humanity will be sorted by the emotion that dominates the energy body and matched to a resonating parallel world. There will be no favoritism or special treatment. Your admission into the Blessed Field will be determine by the summation of each moment you selected to follow your heart and the path of neutrality. It is by these small little acts that your merit will be tallied. It is a matter of matching frequency.

Everyone will ultimately be redeemed. Although only one path leads to the New Earth; the others will take souls that need more time to cultivate their consciousness into matching realities. A few million years from now, a new galactic equator crossing will be afoot and these souls will have another opportunity to make different choices.

If you can understand that these perils are in fact learning modules that will permit you to evolve, you will be on the right path. I am rooting for you. I am holding space hoping that you can find the courage and discipline to cultivate your relationship to the higher emotions and release all fears, doubts, confusion into the Blessed Field.

I am Lord Melchior, the Galactic Elder that overlight your world. It is an honor to share this understanding with you.




    Wesak 2021 on April 25th, 2021 from 09:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST




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