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Sun, May 15



WESAK 2022

We are celebrating WESAK 2022 online this year and the theme is: “Praying for Divine Mercy.”

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WESAK 2022
WESAK 2022

Time & Location

May 15, 2022, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


About the Event


At the Taurus full moon, usually falling in the month of May, all masters, initiates, lightworkers,  world servers, and seekers of truth and enlightenment gather together in the Wesak Valley – in  person, out-of-body or in dream-time. The Wesak Valley is located high in the Himalayan  Mountains of Tibet (currently controlled by China) near Mount Kailas, known by the locals as  Mount Kangrinboqe or “Holy Mountain.” It is more than 10,000 feet above sea level and is the  center point of planet Earth’s crown chakra. Pilgrims begin to climb this mountain several  months in advance to arrive at the exact time of the Wesak Festival. 

The Wesak Valley is accessed through a narrow passage at the northeast and opens into a  wide bottleneck shaped canyon. There are no trees growing in it and near the entrance,  somewhat in the middle, is a large, natural flat stone. The lamas and pilgrims begin to gather  and arrange themselves to the south, leaving the northern section for the higher initiates that  position themselves in a semi-concentric circle around the stone altar. At precisely the rising of  the full moon, Allah Gobi (the Manu representing the office of God), Lord Maitreya (representing  the office of Christ), and Saint Germain (the Manachohan representing the office of the Holy  Spirit) gather around the stone altar in a triangular formation that has a crystal bowl filled with  water in the center. Lord Buddha then appears and hovers above this bowl and begins to  transmit the cosmic, universal and celestial energies and upgrades of God’s plan that are  coming to him from source and the universal core. He disseminates it through the water and the  three Lords of our world gather around him. The water is then shared with everyone in  attendance. 

This is a great act of service toward the planet and humanity. Personal agendas, division of  color, gender, philosophy, religion, judgments and separations are suspended to be replaced by  unconditional love for all and the upgrade from the universal core, to help us fulfill God’s plan  and assist in the evolution and growth of Gaia. For in truth, we are part of the same body and  are all working toward a common goal – merger with source. At that time, initiations are given to  all worthy initiates and disciples who have been working all year on reprogramming their  negative ego, expanding their consciousness and serving humanity. The “force of  enlightenment” is the energy that beams from God and all who are present benefit in the energy  upgrade. 

For those of us who will not be making the pilgrimage to the Wesak Valley in Tibet, this is a time  to gather in group in your local area to acknowledge and celebrate the divine acceleration for all  life on earth with other soul eager to co-create god’s plan on the planet. The gathering of any  group desiring to ascend and connect to the spiritual upgrade radiating from the earth crown  chakra, in Tibet will create points of resonance on the earth’s grid as the energy of  enlightenment travels instantaneously to touch and bless these groups of soul who’s  consciousness are in harmony with this Divine Purpose.


Given all the catastrophic planetary events that humanity is facing to correct our collective karma, we are beseeching GOD for Mercy. Many of these fearful events are beyond our pay grade to solve. With a spirit of repentance, humility, and surrender; we ask our Higher Power for help in softening the landing of these events. May the necessary repairs, planetary and personal corrections happen with the least discomfort.

I invite you to join us as we pray for ourselves and the world. We ask for safe passage into the NEW EARTH.


Om Mani Padme Hum!  Om Mani Padme Hum!  Om Mani Padme Hum!

Hail you be the Flower of the Lotus!

Beloved Lady Quan Ying the Boddhisatva of Compassion and Mercy

You who hear the cries and suffering of the world

Hear our prayer. We are overwhelmed by the planetary catastrophic events

Your children are afraid, in fear, and panic.

We are scared for our safety and survival in these perilous times.

Blessed mother who took the vow not to leave any soul behind, do not forsake us.  Grant us your Protection, Love, and Mercy.

Create a way for us to find safe passage that the floods, hurricanes, typhons, tornados, draught, wild fires, volcanos, earthquake, and tsunamis may not harm us and those we love.

Have mercy on us! You who are the embodiment of Universal Compassion

Create a way for us to find safe passage that the diseases, pathogens, and maladies may not touch us.

Have mercy on us! May your heart have pity for our profound vulnerability.

Create a way for us to find safe passage that the violent political and social discord, strife, and war do not destroy us and the world.

Have mercy on us! You who are the embodiment of Universal Love.

Create a way for us to find safe passage that the emotional agitation, poison rhetoric, and dark demonic influences may not blind us from expressing love.

Have mercy on us! You who are the embodiment of non-attachment; help us find peace and neutrality.

We surrender all these fears, burden, and emotional disempowerments into you, Oh Mother of Mercy.

Bless us with but a drop of the elixir  from your immortal flask which contains your tears and we will instantaneously be renewed, healed, and enveloped by your light, protection, and love.

May your Heart sync with our heart banishing all darkness away from us.

May the Divine and Blessed Field through you anoint us with the wisdom that will give us the clarity to find safe passage.

Grant us internal and external Peace and Serenity and let us become your agent to help bring the rest of humanity in alignment with Divine Law.

May all pain and suffering end.

May humanity align to LOVE for it is the fundamental TRUTH that binds all things.

Hail you be the Heart the Lotus Flower: Quan Yin the Mother of Mercy!


  • WESAK 2022 Online Event

    WESAK 2022 ONLINE: May 15th, 2022 from 9:00am to 6:00pm EST




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