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Sun, May 07



WESAK 2023

Aligning to the Flow of Abundant Living

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WESAK 2023
WESAK 2023

Time & Location

May 07, 2023, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


About the Event

At the Taurus full moon, usually falling in the month of May, all masters, initiates, lightworkers, world servers, and seekers of truth and enlightenment gather together in the Wesak Valley – in person, out-of-body or in dream-time. The Wesak Valley is located high in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet (currently controlled by China) near Mount Kailas, known by the locals as Mount Kangrinboqe or “Holy Mountain.” It is more than 10,000 feet above sea level and is the center point of planet Earth’s crown chakra. Pilgrims begin to climb this mountain several months in advance to arrive at the exact time of the Wesak Festival.

The Wesak Valley is accessed through a narrow passage at the northeast and opens into a wide bottleneck shaped canyon. There are no trees growing in it and near the entrance, somewhat in the middle, is a large, natural flat stone. The lamas and pilgrims begin to gather and arrange themselves to the south, leaving the northern section for the higher initiates that position themselves in a semi-concentric circle around the stone altar.

At precisely the rising of the full moon, Allah Gobi (the Manu representing the office of God), Lord Maitreya (representing the office of Christ), and Saint Germain (the Manachohan representing the office of the HolySpirit) gather around the stone altar in a triangular formation that has a crystal bowl filled with water in the center. Lord Buddha then appears and hovers above this bowl and begins to transmit the cosmic, universal and celestial energies and upgrades of God’s plan that are coming to him from source and the universal core. He disseminates it through the water and the three Lords of our world gather around him. The water is then shared with everyone in attendance.

This is a great act of service toward the planet and humanity. Personal agendas, division of color, gender, philosophy, religion, judgments and separations are suspended to be replaced by unconditional love for all and the upgrade from the universal core, to help us fulfill God’s plan and assist in the evolution and growth of Gaia. For in truth, we are part of the same body and are all working toward a common goal – merger with source.

At that time, initiations are given to all worthy initiates and disciples who have been working all year on reprogramming their negative ego, expanding their consciousness and serving humanity. The “force of enlightenment” is the energy that beams from God and all who are present benefit in the energy upgrade.

For those of us who will not be making the pilgrimage to the Wesak Valley in Tibet, this is a time to gather in group in your local area to acknowledge and celebrate the divine acceleration for all life on earth with other soul eager to co-create god’s plan on the planet. The gathering of any group desiring to ascend and connect to the spiritual upgrade radiating from the earth crown chakra, in Tibet will create points of resonance on the earth’s grid as the energy of enlightenment travels instantaneously to touch and bless these groups of soul who’s consciousness are in harmony with this Divine Purpose.

We are celebrating WESAK 2023 online this year and the theme is: “Aligning to the Flow of Abundant Living.” On May 7th, 2023, we will gather through Zoom from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST.

This is a full day of spiritual videos, prayers, meditations, mantras, channelings, and music by renowned guest speakers, channels, and vocalists to connect you to the consciousness of ABUNDANT LIVING.

We are witnessing rapid and accelerated changes and transformation in all aspects of our life as our world transit into a NEW PRADIGM. In fact, the changes are so quick that we have to be physically, emotionally and spiritually agile to secure safe passage into THE NEW EARTH. Up to the point of the Galactic equator crossing, we are to make a series of rapid, adaptable changes, and choices that will solidify our PATH into a specific version of THE NEW EARTH we will inhabit.

The next three years will see our financial world being fundamentally restructured to yield a more equitable manner of exchange. This global financial overhaul will rattle many businesses, institutions, countries, and individuals. Many will experience this as giant loss of wealth and fortune. Since money is a human symbol for wealth many are in danger of losing their identity. We will need immunity against this. Join us at the WESAK 2023 Celebration to learn how to do that.

I invite you to join us as we pray for ourselves and the world. We ask for safe passage into the NEW EARTH.


  • WESAK 2023

    Wesak 2023 on May 7th, 2023 from 9:00am to 6:00pm EST. We will break one hour for Lunch.

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