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The Way out is Within

The great lesson that the turbulence of the dimensional shift is teaching me, is that EMOTIONAL BYPASSING will no longer work. Whereas in the past, it was a lot easier to cover up emotional reactions from external terrifying stimulus with deep spiritual practice, medicine, shopping, fairy dust, or a feel-good experience of any kind; It is now harder to have these temporary fixes remain sustainable. After all, the greatest lies are the one that we tell ourselves. These events are cosmic accelerant that are guiding us into true accountability, ownership, change, and transmutation of our emotional LEAD into GOLD. In the end, we must be clean in front of the Throne.

Every time we lose control and feel unsafe, it is an opportunity to go deep within and try to reconcile with the root cause of the feeling. Rather than covering up the unsettle emotion with a temporary feel-good experience, realize that the discomfort is your teacher.

Take a deep breath and let your awareness merge with the discomfort. Sit with it and witness it. Keep taking deep breath and NOTICE WHAT YOU NOTICE. Do not judge it or try to qualify it. LISTEN to it as if the more than 50 trillion cells in your body had ears. Think of this feeling expressed in its worst form. What does it look and feel like? What belief is connected to this expression? Is this belief true or false? Now, ask that you be shown the EMOTIONAL NEED that this is attempting to badly fulfil.

This emotional need is what you need to transform for its current expression is toxic. Ask GOD to show you a way to meet this need with transcendence. NOW, LET THE LIGHT IN.

To become DIVINE, we have to first become completely HUMAN. Every emotional turbulence is a SPIRITUAL GATE disguise as a fear. Go within and illuminate that GATE with the fire of TRUE TRANSFORMATION AND ENLIGHTENMENT.

The way out is within.

I love you so much.


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