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A Primer for Ascension

A Primer for Ascension

SKU: PFA10001

A PRIMER FOR ASCENSION is a comprehensive, self-empowering, and fundamental manual for all who are serious about the mastery of life and need support in their journey toward ascension.

With the courageous vulnerability and openheartedness that only spiritual masters display, Pierre R. Dubois shares very intimate and awakening life lessons that will radically help accelerate your self-realization process. This jewel of authenticity will bring into focus the achievements, pitfalls, landmarks, and signposts that you need to watch for but that other teachers usually do not talk about. You will undeniably appreciate the divine wisdom of Pierre’s high consciousness that is channeled throughout this manual and be amazed by the generosity of the numerous gifts of self-healing techniques that are offered. 

Ultimately, you will discover the underlying universal “block” that slows down humanity’s ascension process and the key to unravel it and propel you to a rapid and successful ascension. You will understand why you cannot manifest your true desires in your current state of consciousness, how through ascension you can simply re-connect to the cosmic power that moves everything and remember that you are a co-creator with God.

We are currently living in an extraordinary time: at no other moment in history have there been such public acceptance, openness, and tolerance of personal growth, alternative spiritual practices, and consciousness mechanics. Yet many feel “stuck” in their expansion process and struggle to find effective, groundbreaking tools.

A PRIMER FOR ASCENSION is one of those “magical,” life-companion books that you read over and over again as it takes you further into a higher level of consciousness, each and every time. The key question is: How sincere are you in your intention to ascend? If you are up for the challenge and ready for truth, read on.

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