Healing the Patriarchy: The Gifts of the Divine Masculine

Healing the Patriarchy: The Gifts of the Divine Masculine

Healing the Patriarchy: The Gifts of the Divine Masculine
July 7 -9 at the Gaiaville Retreat Center, Long Eddy, NY

Over the past millennia, the patriarchy has shaped the world. For good or for bad, the planet has been influenced by a collective acceptance of our lowest aspect of the male archetype: survival of the fittest. This means that men have gathered in groups, tribes, and nations, seeking the control territory, battling for resources, and hoarding financial capital. Men with their physical brawn have led the world in this journey toward dominance and control.

In the current paradigm, any feelings of compassion, kindness, and altruistic care expressed by a man is seen as a sign of weakness that needs to be repressed, hidden, and snuffed out. Most men are encouraged to embody the competitive, territorial, and dominant male model, trying to rule and conquer the world.

Yet my personal experience with archetypical male role models has been terrifying and abusive. I grew up with a father, who was an undiagnosed schizophrenic. He was emotionally and physically abusive to me and my entire family. If I was supposed to learn anything from this experience, it was that I did not want to be like him. Additionally, I have never felt comfortable in the way societal pressures were enculturating me into my manhood. Every time I have attempted being an Alpha male by dominating and conquering, I ended feeling depleted, nauseated, and sick.

For many years, I have felt that as a man, I was broken. I was being asked to do something that I could not do. The paradigm of male control, dominance, and iron rule was the opposite of what I felt inside. I felt like a fraud. Moreover every time I attempted to be the Alpha man, I failed miserably. In my heart, I felt something else. It took me years to muster the courage to explore this softer side of my masculinity. I have been enriched, blessed, and healed because of it.

If you can relate to this, I invite you join me for a three-day retreat, conversation, and exploration about the full scope of the masculine energy. In the sacred space of the Gaiaville Retreat Center; gather with other men to help repair and heal the sins of our fathers. Leave fully grounded into the true nature of the Divine Masculine.

Healing the Patriarchy: The Gifts of the Divine Masculine

Healing the Patriarchy: The Gifts of the Divine Masculine

What is the true nature of the Divine Masculine archetype? In the Kabbalah, the root of the Divine Masculine energy is “Chesed,” meaning “love and mercy,” while the root of the Divine Feminine is “Geburah,” meaning “strength and fear.” Is this a mislabeling? Not at all. Chesed is an outpouring, overflow, and abundant blessing of the Divine force seeking to bring forth life, order, and goodness into the world; while Geburah is the resistance to this abundant flow and the ability to select which gift to receive. Physically, this is reflected by the overflow of masculine seminal flow that has enough sperm to fertilize millions, while a female has one ovum per month that is ready for fertilization.

The Divine Masculine is an overflow of creative impulses seeking vessels to manifest life into the world. It is the blessing and gift of life and creation. As with all gifts, it should be freely given and freely accepted. The corruption of this archetype happens when the giver thinks that the world would be a better place if everyone received his gift. This entitlement is a major concern for all men who are seeking to correct the failing of the patriarchy. When compounded by several billion men all sharing this entitlement mentality, you have men competing for dominance and control. No wonder we exist in a dog-eat-dog world.

Many men are sensing the desire to heal themselves from the wound created by their toxic relationship with their fathers. Some are actively taking action to correct mistakes committed by the patriarchy. They realize that they want to have a better and more heart-centered connection to their sons, daughters, men, women, community, and the world. The healing of the masculine energy is rooted in men becoming emotionally intelligent, and this is a process, not an event. The new masculine is rising. A new breed of leader is being revealed. They will lead not by imposing their gift onto others, but by sharing their vulnerabilities and feelings with others and motivating them to echo healing behavior toward the planet. Hope for a better tomorrow remains. What happens to an alpha male whose heart is suddenly open?

Healing the Patriarchy: The Gifts of the Divine Masculine

Healing the Patriarchy: The Gifts of the Divine Masculine

Join us for a three-day exploration the true inner secrets of the Divine Masculine on July 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2017, at the Gaiaville Retreat Center in the Catskill Mountains of New York: 14439 State Highway 97, Long Eddy, New York. The retreat will be lead using ancient and deep meditation techniques, channeling, and emotional intelligence exercises, connecting you to the fundamental nature of the masculine. This will be a sacred space where men can be vulnerable with other men.

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  • “Pierre and I met in 2009; I have been following his teaching ever since then. He is the most grounded, genuine loving person and a wonderful teacher I had the privilege to come across. I received so many benefits from Pierre’s classes. Pierre has exceptional understanding and answers of the mysteries of the Universe and has shared with so much ease and openness.”
    L. R., Long Island
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  • “I’ve heard about the concept of Ascension for many years but not until I took Pierre’s course did I begin to understand all the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pathways I must travel to participate in the process. There is continuity to growth – in our earthly as well as in our dimensional lives – and it behooves us all to remain open to perspectives that go beyond those we are comfortable with at the moment. This informational and thought-provoking program was only exceeded by Pierre’s ability to inspire and bring it all down to a personal level for his participants. I can’t wait for the next series!”
    C.G., Long Island, NY
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  • In attending the Ascension classes I am now consciously aware that we are “infinite and endless beings who limits extend outside of time and space”. If you’re experiencing feelings of knowing that there’s more to you other than your day-to-day experiences, or feeling displaced and can’t quite put your finger on why that is, try to listen a little closer to that voice some of us call intuition. It may very well be an invitation to learn that you are much more than your physical body. I believe the Ascension classes is an invitation to Awaken and the believe system we clung to.”
    M.A., Long Island, NY
    Student - Ascension Classes
  • “I met Pierre during a very challenging time in my life and in my business and I knew instantly that I needed to work with him privately to help me heal some painful traumas from my past so I could move forward with my calling and be able to hold the space for others. I did Pierre’s 21 Day Personal Power and 21 Day Unconditional Self-Love program and all I can say is that my life and business instantly and profoundly transformed after completing these programs and I was able to help many other lives as a result. Not only did I heal my traumas, get my personal power back and find unconditional self-love after working with Pierre but I was able to help my clients who were experiencing similar painful challenges in their lives.”
    E.W., Brooklyn, NY
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  • “The Celestial Light Healing sessions with Pierre are wonderfully filled with higher energies as he takes you directly to the Source. You feel the divine space on many levels and recognize the unlimited possibilities for healing and inner wisdom. The process is multi-leveled and multi-dimensional and it reverberates throughout all aspects of your being. It is then concluded with Pierre’s feedback that is always wise and unconditionally loving. It is a most unique, exciting, exhilarating and blissful experience!”
    U.B., Queens, NY
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  • “Thank you, Pierre, for your profound Celestial Light Healing sessions! You have unraveled physical and energetic knots of long standing that I would never have suspected. The power of the energy flow you channeled through my body was deep and palpable, at times as if your light touch penetrated the skin into the body, at times like measurable electrical currents. I experienced dimensional, even out-of-body shifts and have seen myself in new perspectives. Thank for being the pure channel for transformation, for clearing negative entanglements, and allowing my body, mind, and soul to experience multi-dimensional wellness. The sense of peace I feel afterward has been consistently and hauntingly beautiful. I want more!”
    J.T., New York City
    Client - Celestial Light Healing
  • “I met Pierre, in 2010, and have taken several of his workshops, including his personal power programing. Until the personal power program I had no idea just how much my subconscious mind was running my life. Now I feel more in control and empowered in my mind and my life.
    Since 2009, I have been struggling with a situation, I haves worked with healers and a shaman, and paid a small fortune, but nothing could resolve it. I had one healing on Pierre’s table and its gone!! Thank you so much Pierre for everything!!”
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