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Assisting in the Great Shift

The Galactic Regent Council

Channeled by Pierre R. Dubois

From the fiery center of the Milky Way Galaxy, we are the Galactic Regent Council, a collective of twelve elders who compose the governance of the Milky Way Galaxy. As we speak, you are surrounded by seas of change and catastrophic events that are creating hopelessness in the collective unconscious of humanity. Whether it is from floods, wild fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, or unstable political, social, and economic systems, change is being forced upon you. Yet, in the mist of all this upheaval, hope remains: the possibility that the wayshowers will rise up and lead humanity into an ascended tomorrow.

A cosmological event that has been 31 million years in the making is about to occur. Your planet is about to cross the galactic equator. In the 250-million-year transit around the galactic center, Earth is currently being lifted above the crust of the Milky Way Galaxy, thus lining up to the Nameless Light that radiates from the galactic core. This is the galactic equator crossing. There exist eight of these crossings in one galactic year, and for us in the galactic core, these crossings represent the Great Harvest, the possibility for all sentient lilfeforms and planets making this crossing to ascend en mass into a higher realm.

The light from this equator is unlike anything that you know. It is the Nameless Light, and it is influencing the change and transformation of human consciousness, but it is not a shoe-in that you as a collective will make it. How you process, register, and understand that assistance from the Nameless Light is one of the keys to achieving success. The Nameless Light is a catalyst that is provoking the decay and destruction of all stuck energies. How you interpret and narrate that change, decay, and destruction that you are witnessing is up to you. If you are a fearful person, you will perceive more fear. If at the center of your consciousness is hope, then you will see opportunities for change and transformation. What emotional state you allow to take root in your consciousness is the key. The frequency of that state will resonate with others in a similar state, thus increasing the amplitude of that frequency until a wave function collapse is created, shifting you and all in that frequency into a matching future and reality.

The galactic equator crossing is not taking all of humanity into the same place. The planet is shifting into multiple realities. Where you go is dependent on the emotional state that exists in your subconscious mind. All the gates are opened, and what you intellectually profess or identify with is typically very different than what exists in the deep recess of your subconscious mind. Without prejudice or judgment, the Nameless Light will read what exists in your subconscious mind and take you to a matching reality.

We see this being played out with all the divisive and scary choices with which humanity seems to be confronted. This is because multiple and parallel realities now occupy the same space. Each version will have selected a champion, leader, or polarizing idea that will become the center of a vortex, amassing souls for the creation of a higher amplitude of that frequency, leading to a wave function collapse. Multiple realities are fighting for control and dominance.

The changes that are happening now are too dramatic and radical for you to manage alone. We recommend that you seek the support of a community of likeminded individuals. At the actual galactic crossing, there will be a physical split of realities. For now, you will witness multiple and opposed realities joisting for dominance within the same space.

For you to avoid being taken into a reality that mirrors the default emotion festering in your subconscious mind, we strongly suggest that you remove the emotional blind spots buried in your subconscious mind, thus fabricating a false narrative about your nature and purpose. At this juncture in your evolution, no other work is more important than this. There is no escaping this. You must become clean in front of God. No medicine, photon belt, ascended master, celestial host, or angel will do this for you. It is your responsibility. As you remove the walls of self-deceit, you will own your inner darkness and light. You have to learn how to self-reconcile to the inner battle and chaos that exist within. You have to find peace within.

We understand that not all of humanity will do this. To expect that seven billion people will do this before the galactic crossing is impossible. However, to activate the wayshowers, who have soul-contracted to incarnate at this time and lead humanity into a higher reality, is possible. For the moment that you have become self-reconciled, you will begin to become a powerful anchor for the Nameless Light. This will cause you to begin to broadcast a liberation frequency that will entrain the beings that are in your circle of influence.

If twelve wayshowers will have done this process and stand at any earth chakra location, a motor will be created, releasing a quasar of light that will radiate 777 miles wide. Human beings who live in that radius will have access to a choice they did not have before. By osmosis, they can now entrain into this light. Earth chakra by earth chakra, the volunteers and wayshowers will need to engage in this process and evolve to become the anchor points for the Nameless Light. Rings of light radiating from each earth chakra will overlap center to center. When this process is repeated at all 156 earth chakra locations, the earth will become the living flower of life. At that moment, a signal will be sent to the galactic core and light will begin to flood the planet as the prana seed of the planet begins to implode, shut down, and re-load into a higher density.

Now if 10% of earth’s population is entrained by this process, which is only 700,000 human beings, light will radiate out from earth 4,429 light years away. How far would this radiation travel if a billion or more individuals entrain into ascendance? Dear Ones, the ascendance of humanity would precipitate a ripple that could generate an ascension sequencing that would affect the entire Milky Way, other galaxies, and even the entire Universe. This is the reason why this Great Harvest is of interest to us. If this vision calls to you, engage immediately in the refinement of your consciousness. Without all the volunteers doing their individual parts, this will not come to pass. Time is of the essence for the galactic crossing is almost upon you.

Let the Clarion Call be released. Remember the oath taken, the promise made, and fully engage in the collective rescue of humanity.

We are the Galactic Regent Council, and we thank you for this opportunity to share.

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