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Prediction 2024 and Beyond

Finding Your Tribe

Galactic Regent Council, Channeled by Pierre R. Dubois


For the next few years, the rapid changes and the challenges that they create will continue to be presented to humanity as opportunities for growth, transmutation, and the evolution of human consciousness. We understand that many will not see it in that light; rather they will feel terrified, inexplicably assaulted, and attacked. Nothing will ever be the same as you are all on the verge of a giant evolutionary leap in consciousness. You are transiting from 3D into 5D and beyond. Any passage, between one state of consciousness and the next, brings confusion, doubts, and fears.

What needs to happen is for you to let go of your attachments to everything in the 3D world: people, places, and things. This is the exact opposite of the control that cognitive function exercises in the management of the 3D world. We understand that asking someone to let go of that control is a huge ask. However, this is the only way to allow the emerging higher dimensions to come through and expand your perception into the God or Goddess that you are. This means a rapid acceleration in the correction of your karma. This process, if it happens too quickly, will cause you to experience lots of pain and suffering.  We have been trying to help you manage the global changes by guiding you through right action in the incremental increases of the demolition of the 3D reality. However, the next three years may be particularly challenging. We know that you are scared, afraid, and doubtful that you can make it through this turbulent passage. We are here to guide, support, and love you.  

From the Galactic Core of the Milky Way Galaxy, we are the Galactic Regent Council: a collective of 12 Galactic Elders that compose the governance of the Milky Way. Our purpose is to hold space by temporarily projecting our liberation to you—to know, see, and experience our reality. When you return back into the 3D reality, the memory of that expansion will make you less afraid. It is our hope that these moments will entrain you into accepting the role that you have to play in the collective rescue of humanity.  


The transit, or in-between state in the evolution of consciousness, will last between three to seven years depending on how agile you are in adapting to the emerging new paradigm. Since karma is being accelerated, the correction that needs to take place will be relentless as personal and global events continue to initially trigger all into reactivity. However, if you have been doing the work, after a period of emotional reaction, you will go back to the protocol and will practice that which you know, querying the emotion that is being created to find the root cause and need in you that this trigger was trying to fulfill. Next, ask your guide to show you the ascended and elevated way to fulfill that need. This will create the correction that is needed. If you can do this and repeat this process over and over again, you will be making small but important choices that will allow you to select the reality that you will move into. By right choices after right choices, your karma will be beginning to balance and be corrected.

But you don’t exist in a vacuum. The planetary or global karma is also moving rapidly. As such, many global challenges will be presented to the collective unconscious as opportunities for corrections to take place. On the future horizon are many events and potential events that may trigger great fear. We will limit our comments and share with you the most salient items.

Although the climate change events will continue to challenge the planet causing migration and the need to find a safe place to live and will be present past 2030, the bigger challenge is the correction in how you give and receive in a balanced manner.

The current banking system of karmically cording people with debts by using fractional reserves will fail. In the next three years, the global financial system will collapse to yield a period of confusion where competing and alternative methods of exchange will be proposed and coexist simultaneously. In the end, one equitable system where giving and receiving is done in a balanced manner will prevail. This will liberate more souls than any other correction on the path of return.

The social and political system of world superpowers will implode from within. There is potential for civil war and battle.

Finally, on the further landscape of the horizon, is the magnetic pole reversal triggered by a series of major solar flares. This will short out electrical equipment and cause several years of regressive existence. This may cause a great die-off. However, this will also be the trigger point that will herald the divergence and separation of parallel realities.

Everything is linked. The major flares will trigger the three days of darkness, and the already weakened magnetic north pole will tilt 90 degrees, initiating the divergence into other realities. At that point, multiple north to south poles will be experienced. Each axis will vibrate a specific key resonance that will entrain all the individuals that align with it to journey into that reality.

The new earth is but one of the many possibilities on the horizon. Here are a few more parallel axes on the horizon: the reparation of the 3D world path, the anarchy path, the xenophobic path, the technologically enhanced- or trans-human path, the spiritually hedonistic path, the chemical shortcut or bypass path, the surface spirituality path, the do-nothing path, and the path of accelerated spiritual practice.

If what we have described above scares you, there are ways in which you can mitigate the impact of these rapid changes:

The changes that are coming are so big that a lone wolf will not be able to make it through. We are encouraging you to find like-minded souls and to move in lockstep together.

Everything we have described is a potential for manifestation. How these items land depend on the choices that you make and the prayers of intersession that are made, asking for celestial assistance. Remember that you are God and Goddess, and if you choose to handle these rapid changes on your own, no one in the spiritual hierarchy will intercede. Because of the law of non-interference, we are not permitted to help without consent.

As it will appear that your world is falling apart, what will be needed instead is for you to get together with others to pray, asking for MERCY and GUIDANCE. This will be a way to request from the Blessed Field a solution set that may not be visible to you. This is what true SERVICE looks like.

Moreover, by coming together with others, you will create a group body or a living collective awareness that will be more powerful than the sum of the participating members. In this Age, no one can ascend alone. It is by the synchronized effort of a core group that humanity will move into enlightenment. Find your tribe and begin to walk the path of service and liberation together. By combining your light with others, you will strengthen your radiance and entrain a lot more souls into your collective illumination.

The salvation of humanity lies in the collective work of the 144,000 volunteers who responded to a call to help guide souls at the moment of the galactic equator crossing into the new earth. The crossing may be a few years away, but the training for the in-sync practice should be going on now. Beloved reader, you are the volunteers. The time is past already for you to connect and work with your follow volunteers so that you will be ready at the moment of the crossing, holding in CERTAINTY THE AXIS FOR SAFE PASSAGE INTO THE NEW EARTH.

The first wave of this axis is highly dependent on the 144,000 volunteers. As their light shines, they will attract 10% of the earth population to follow. Once this happens, the true axis to the new earth will become visible with all the gifts, benefits, and expansion.

What your world needs more than anything else is the rise of true planetary leaders—not as politicians, tycoons, or heads of industries, but SPIRITUAL LEADERS and true beacons of the light of love, understanding, and compassion.  These virtues are not about influence or branding, but about the radiation, attraction, and generosity of an inner state of the transcendental consciousness of peace and healing. If you can find or create a core group of 12 and move in sync together, you will begin to see dramatic improvement in you and in your circle of influence.  When enough of these core groups are positioned around the earth, they will begin to sync together—core group to core group—releasing a light in this world that has not been seen in 31 million years. This will make the landing of all the above-mentioned predictions a lot softer.  


Seek your tribe or group that is doing this work and align your intention to theirs. They are already there doing the work in silence, waiting for you. If this sounds familiar to you, this is why you came into this world. THE TIME IS NOW FOR YOU TO STAND IN VERTICALITY AND LEAD THE WORLD OUT OF DARKNESS.

Beloved, we are the Galactic Regent Council. Thank you for this opportunity to share.    

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