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What Future am I Creating?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Prediction 2023 and Beyond

Galactic Regent Council channeled by Pierre Dubois


We take this opportunity to once again present to you our perception of the future horizon with an array of possibilities, thus giving you the clarity that you may need make the choice as to what world, reality, or parallel dimension you are being magnetized into. Some may be looking for a Higher Being to tell them what to do. However, this is not our purpose. We simply want to present the facts and let you work out the details of your morphogenic transit into the reality that will match your emotional vibration, frequency, and cultivation.

If you are looking for predictions so that you can prepare and avoid potential discomfort, we have some information for you. Keep in mind that humanity is still deciding on the landing of these predictions, and the wave function collapse for them has not been achieved. The following are showing up as strong possibilities for manifestation on the future horizon.

The turbulence and chaos of the transit will continue until the Galactic Equator Crossing and the three days of darkness around 2030. Here is what we see between now and that time frame: The possibility of other pathogens is visible. Additionally, food and supply chain shortages and constrictions. Further, biblical climate change events such as draught, hurricane, typhon, floods, fires, tornados, and lightning storms. Due to the acceleration of the magnetic pole reversal, earthquakes, volcanos, and tsunamis. Political and social unrest will reshape countries and allegiances around the world creating battles, civil wars, and war. The global financial exchange system will begin to restructure and yield a more equitable way of exchange. This will begin around 2024 and 2025. A new currency or exchange system is on the horizon. These are not small changes, but major challenges that many souls will not be able to acclimate to. As a result, many will choose to leave the planet. More and more people – from all age groups – will suddenly die. Finally, there’s the possibility of an asteroid or comet to either brush or hit the earth. The final outcome of this possibility will be decided by the volunteers that are silently working to guide humanity into the ascended tomorrow. Collectively, they have the ability to beseech the Blessed or Quantum Field for the solution set and avoid this catastrophe.

Unlike our previous messages, we are speaking to you plainly for time is of the essence. Yet do not be afraid, for these rapid changes are opportunities for humanity to elevate, transform, transmute, and change. This and many of the possibilities above can be avoided or lessened, if the volunteers are in alignment and spiritual rectitude and vertically. The transit is not about the destruction of the world, but rather a collective ego death of the 3-D reality and the rising and elevation into 5-D – a realm of ease, surrender, hope, gratitude, and love. The key to the collective rescue are the volunteers – the 144,000.00 heroes that will do the hard work of creating the path from which humanity can find safe passage into the New Earth. The transit will not be remembered for the chaos that it is creating, but by the number of courageous volunteers who will bushwhack, in this forest of error, a path toward transcendence. If you are wondering why is this transit so difficult; this because the NEW EARTH is worth it.

The frequency of that PATH or BRIDGE toward the NEW EARTH is “Truth, Authenticity, and Transparency.” Although these virtues exist in the NEW EARTH, they don’t dominate it. Rather, they are the purging agent or accelerant that is helping wash the stench or grip of the 3-D world from you. How you react to this purge or accelerant is determined by your emotional intelligence and maturity. Some will have extreme reaction of fear and explode in panic and violence. Others will use this as an opportunity to change, grow, and evolve. The more spiritually evolved you are, the more you will begin to realize the value of this bridge and reap benefits from it.

Although we have shared with you in past communications how to overcome these challenges, we will not focus the rest of our message on that.

For now, let us focus on the WHAT, WHERE, HOW, and WHY. We believe that the error that many are making about this transit is to think of it as a solely physical transformation of the planet into some utopian future. Moreover, they see themselves as ambassadors for that change where somehow the good and light will overpower the darkness, albeit by right actions taken on the physical plane. This is partially true. However, the NEW EARTH is not limited to a physical and environmental transformations of the earth; it is fundamentally a transcendental elevation of consciousness. Yes, you have to act rightly and BETTER the 3-D world, but at some point during the transit, reality will begin to diverge. Not everyone is going to the same place. From this pool of 8 billion people on earth, there will be 8 billion individual choices to be made as to what path each person is going to follow. This is not an intellectual or mental thing, rather an emotional, visceral, and vibrational identification. You are not sheep. You are sentient beings making choices by your level of emotional intelligence and resonance that will align you to a parallel world that is vibrating at a similar frequency.

The NEW EARTH means different things to different people. Here are some examples: For some, it is the hedonistic world where spirituality is about seeking mostly physical pleasure through ritualized shortcuts or hacks of medicinal or technological bypasses. A second xenophobic group makes specific groups, individuals, or ethnicities scapegoats for the problems of the world, attempting to violently eradicate them from the world. Still, others are solely focused on a physical restructuring of institutions, medicine, finances, and governments. Yet others are seeing all the turbulence of the transit as a series of opportunities to uproot in self the fear-based and emotional reactive system and transmute them into a surrender into a higher and morphogenic awareness filled with GOODNESS and BENEVOLENCE. This path leads into LIBERATION. The highest version of the NEW EARTH that you viscerally vibrate with on a deep emotional level is the parallel reality that you will attract, and this will become your path. Since the final date of the actual Galactic Equator Crossing is years away, there is still time for you to evolve into a higher version of what the New Earth looks like to you. In other words, this is a process that over time will allow growth, change, and transformation. It goes without saying that within your family and circle of influence you may not be on the same path as others. Have tolerance and acceptance for the individuals who are not as fast as you. Yesterday you may have been where they are now. Be cognizant that the true path to the NEW EARTH lies not in just physical changes, but is equally paved with the emotional, spiritual changes, and transformation that must take place in you.

Each one of these perceptions of the NEW EARTH will manifest an avatar or champion that will act like the figurehead, magnet, or nexus point seeking to attract more souls that, on an emotional level, resonate with that version of the future world. Multiple parallel realities are currently occupying the same space and are battling for dominance and/or separation.

To understand the divergence that will occur at the Galactic Equator Crossing we need to illumine for you the magnetic pole reversal. The earth’s magnetic pole is not a unified field with one central axis creating a north and south pole. Rather it is composed of multiple north and south vortices, axes, or torsion fields that for the most part remain entrained with each other to act as one. But at the time of a pole reversal, the unit is broken, and the other north and south axes begin to separate and diverge. It so happens that you are but a few years away from this phenomenon. Additionally, the various north and south poles and torsion fields that they create hold the individual vibratory signature of the many versions of the New Earth identified above. At the time of the CROSSING and the three days of darkness, the visceral identification with the individual torsion in which you exist will carry you for a period of about 80 hours into a parallel world. This is a process that is already on the way, and for the next 10 to 12 years it will accelerate quickly. The evidence has already begun. Migratory animals that use the earth’s magnetic field for guidance are circling around for hours or landing in the wrong place.

During the final moment of this divergence, the sun will disappear for about 60 to 80 hours. This in fact is a collective passage that you would term a worm hole. Be aware that at the time of this passage you can accidentally be taken into an unfavorable world. All the gates to all worlds will be open. Therefore, you should remain indoors and light fires, for power grids will fail due to the various cosmic rays that will be flying about. Pray deeply and humbly while asking for “SAFE PASSAGE INTO THE NEW EARTH.” When this is over, the sun will return, but it may not be the same sun or earth. In all likelihood, you will have travelled multiple light years away.

It is our hope that we have given you additional clarity to help you position yourself to make the best choice for your elevation into our galactic family. After all, this is what you signed up for.

We are the Galactic Regent Council, the collective of 12 galactic elders who comprise the governance of the Milky Way Galaxy. We depart by enveloping you in love and support and thank you for this opportunity to share.

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