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Galactic Regent Council |

by Pierre Dubois

We are the Galactic Regent Council, a collective of 12 Galactic Elders who compose the governance of the Milky Way Galaxy. It is indeed an honor to once again communicate with you our understanding of the extraordinary time that you exit in. Know that you are being supported and loved. Your solar system is about to cross the creative light of galactic equator, an event that happens 8 times in the 250-million-year cycle that composes one rotation of your sun around the galactic core. These events are known by us as “The Great Harvest.” A time in which souls can ascend en mass into higher dimensions.

Understand that this cresting of your solar system above the thickness of the Milky Way exposes it directly to our Light of “truth, authenticity, and transparency.” Therefore, all that is hidden will be revealed. This Light will quicken and accelerate time and your progress, according to the expected evolutionary marker for this seventh crossing of the galactic equator. From the center of the Galactic Core you are being helped, loved, and supported. If you accept and allow this transformation, this energy will put wind beneath your wings; but if you are holding on to the old, attempting to stop the change, you will be crushed by a wave so powerful that it will feel like attempting to push back an avalanche. Trust us, it serves you best to surrender into it.

As boots on the ground, your perspective of living on earth at this time may be dramatically different from what we are intending. After all, facilitating dimensional and evolutionary growth for a sleeping humanity will be jarring to you. As you awaken from your slumber and find out how much work you have to do, the catch-up will seem daunting. Remember that you are being supported. If you meet the galactic equator energy halfway and do the consciousness expanding and transformation work in order to exist in your higher emotions, you will make rapid progress.

Everything that was solid and grounded from a 3D perspective will sink, for new and higher dimensions are manifesting. As such, you will experience earthquakes, wild fires, floods, draughts, hurricanes, typhoons, power outages, discord, battle, and war—additionally, the complete breakdown of political, social, and economic unity, alliance, and partnership, causing the separation of states into multiple fractions.

For now until 2027, multiple parallel realities are occupying the same space. Each reality is attempting to create a centrifuge or vortex with an individual or group as its champion or avatar. At the center of each vortex is an emotion that will be the magnet to attract souls whose frequency matches it. Be aware of the extreme, zealot, and polarized views of friends, neighbors, and family members trying to convince you of the merit of their way. They are not going into your future. Do not waste your time in attempting to change their views. They have already selected which reality they will go into.

Worry about disconnecting yourself from the survival grid of the 3D and all associated lower emotions that are keeping you a prisoner. Your challenge will be to exist in the middle of what appears to be a storm and chaos, yet not be triggered into “survival.” For that to happen you have to trust what is invisible, yet more real than the survival hologram. You have to cultivate an inner relationship with higher emotions. This cultivation process is an individual and personal responsibility We in the Galactic Core cannot insert a higher emotion in you. To do so would violate the universal and fundamental law of free choice. This is not an intellectual process; rather it is a visceral inner search and expansion into remembering emotions that the 3D reality and system have arrested in your emotional development.

Each one of you exists in a magnetic and quantum field at the core of which is an emotion that will amplify, enable, or disable the field’s resonance, broadcast, and vastness. It has a specific frequency that is determined by the emotion in your core. At any time before the crossing, you can still select which emotion or reality you will exist in. Doorways into parallel worlds are selected by individuals with similar emotional cores coming together to create an accretion disk, thus manifesting a portal or gateway into said or desired reality. For example, the 3D reality is centered around the core activity and emotion connected to survival that 8 billion people are holding in place. Where 10 percent of the earth come together to hold a different emotion in its core, like “hope or compassion,” an accretion disk would be created to separate them into a different reality and experience.

At the time of the Galactic Equator Crossing, this creative power will read the core emotion that occupies your energy grid and will take you to a matching reality. Multiple portals and gateways will be created, separating humanity into matching realities. This will be The Great Harvest. It matters not the reasons why your energy body is in the emotion that it is in. At the time of the crossing, it will be too late to change. The world and humanity will split. The New Earth and all individuals that identify with its core emotion will be moved to a New World 4,429 light years away. The New Earth will be inhabited by the Homo Luminous, the next stage in the evolutionary process of mankind.

For you to thrive and co-create this extraordinary evolutionary change, keep in mind the following:


At the core of the 3D reality is one activity: survival. Associated with that are fear, victimization, defense, attack, and hording. Existing in a world where the 3D is being dismantled will seem an appropriate time to express these emotions. However, they are opportunities for you to go deeper and find out how the 3D hologram has customized experiences to lock your will away, resulting in you becoming an automaton. This is an opportunity for you to AWAKEN.


As you identify these lower emotions that are customized in you and how they have ruled you, it is not your responsibility to wrestle or battle with them. Simply take each one separately into your Higher Power or to God. Surrender the load and burden of these false beliefs into Source and let the healing and repair that you need cascade into every cell in your body. You may have to do this multiple times. Some of these emotions have been holding you prisoner for several lifetimes. Now if you do not have a relationship to God, you will have to cultivate one, for without that you will not overcome.


For example, you may have an intellectual understanding of what compassion, gratitude, neutrality, and mercy are, but do you know these emotions viscerally? Unless you have created space in your emotional body by removing the lower emotions, you will not have the room and space to cultivate an inner relationship as to what these emotions feel like in your body.


In order for you to transition into the New Earth, you will have developed physical, emotional, and spiritual agility. You will have to be able to process information and emotional states rapidly. As such, you should be working on maneuvering quickly various states of emotional intelligence. Work on your attachment to people, places, and things. You may have to let go and surrender everything at a moment’s notice. To that end, we have accelerated time so that you can move through information in months that would normally take many lifetimes.


Live in a home, village, city, and environment that is sustainable. Given the predicted changes that are about to happen, try to reside in a home that is as green as possible. See that you create an environment that is earthquake, fire, and hurricane proof. Live in interdependence with the earth and its life cycles.


A lone wolf will not be able to thrive and move into the higher densities. No one ascends alone. You have to find your tribe. Moreover, the centrifuge of each parallel reality will cause such polarization that many with opposing views and emotions will find it unsafe to reside in the proximity of those with different views. As such, many will begin to move and migrate next to individuals with shared connections. This will be the beginning of a physical separation of parallel reality that will lead into an actual split of realities.

In the future horizons stand some events that are connected to each other like a series of dominoes falling over. By the beginning of 2021, political unity will break down, causing states to begin to fracture and separate. This will be marked by violent occurrences and clashes. Additionally, the national debt formerly taken on by unified states will not be repaid, precipitating a world financial collapse by the end of 2024. The unsustainable debt economy will begin to be recalibrated into a balanced way of exchange.

Fear not, beloved one, for as long as you follow our counsel, you will move and thrive through this. There is nothing to fear, for in truth this period is pregnant with opportunity for real, rapid, higher, and dimensional changes. It is not just the gates of the 5D that are open. All the higher gates are opened all the way into the Throne Room of God. How far you travel will depend on the amount of work that you will have done. We in the Galactic Core are supporting you. We have our eyes fixed on you. Although everything will attempt to keep you focused on the outside chaos, keep one eye fixed internally and one eye fixed externally.

We are the Galactic Regent Council taking our leave, having said what we are permitted to reveal at this time. Thank you for this opportunity to share.

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