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Confession of a Spiritual Healer

As a child, I never knew that I was different from others. All I ever wanted was to be like everyone else, to belong and be accepted. My siblings did not want to play with me. To date, I don’t fully know the reasons, but I interpreted it as me having some internal and unrepairable damage. But I soon learned that I had certain innate gifts and abilities. I saw details and received insights that most others missed. It was a natural ability that felt like breathing to me, but every time I shared the insights, people around me became stunned. It took me until recently to realize that this was not a rejection. In fact, they were grateful. They simply were trying to process the information.

Although I went to an Ivy League school and am a licensed architect, I am a spiritual healer. I tried being normal, but everything about it felt disingenuous. For years, I was a closeted spiritual healer. In my spare time, I was helping friends and family members align with their spiritual and highest purpose. Now that I am fully committed to this path, I feel that it is time for the public to understand what it is like to be a spiritual healer.

I was 11 years old when I realized that spiritual inquiries were the most important thing in my life. So I spent most of my journey on this earth studying, meditating, refining my consciousness under the guidance a various spiritual teachers and traditions. Incrementally, I changed, transformed, and became the person that I am today. My mistakes are many, and the memories of them keep me in check and help me have compassion for the shortcomings of others. And since we never stop learning, my journey is still in progress.

I am on a path of service. I help human beings overcome the obstacles that are blocking their liberation from the shackles and illusions that undeservedness creates. I am a Sherpa who guides others toward a safe and accelerated spiritual path. The rewards for them are: profound peace, unbounded happiness, authenticity, fulfillment of purpose, and spiritual maturity and enlightenment.

Some come to me because they hear something that resonates true in their core. Others are curious, whereas the vast majority are seeking magic or a miracle. Honestly, most people come to me because they are in a state of crisis. Their spiritual, health, financial, romantic, or personal life is in chaos. I am often the choice of last resort. They want “fairy dust”—instant and miraculous transformation in one session without any genuine change in consciousness on their part. Fix the world so that their existing paradigm and belief system will continue to function. But too often, it is the paradigm that needs to change, and this will require self-development work and time. Most of them do not want to work. I would say that about 85% of them expect magic or want me to tell them what they should do. They do not want to take any responsibilities, and God forbid that they should change.

The time commitment is relative. I have been guiding a being, whom I respect greatly, to overcome a drastic choice made 400 million years ago. In the process, she has learned so much about who she really is while accepting responsibilities of all past mistakes. Moreover, after three and half years, she has retrieved memories and knowledge of who she was before this choice and has now re-aligned her life to this primordial identity. Three and half years of work is nothing compared to 400 million years of pain and suffering?

She originally came to me because she was under severe psychic attack. All she was seeking was to make it stop. Little did she realize that this was the beginning of a personal journey that would eventually lead her to ascend in this lifetime.

What most clients fail to realize is that all healing is self-healing. I am not removing your problems, obstacles, or disempowerments. As broken as your psyche may be at the moment, it is in fact the most resilient and self-healing system in the Universe. It knows what you need and when you need it. But the timing of that healing is an individual and personal journey for each client. No two individuals are alike, and no one can guarantee that the healing will take place in three sessions, three months, or three years. As the Sherpa, I may know information that you are not prepared to understand at this time. Were I to reveal it too soon, I would fracture you. Therefore, I am incessantly checking with your Higher Self for permission. I only act and reveal what I am permitted to say.

For me to genuinely serve my clients, I have to be neutral to them. If I have any judgements about their crisis, it would influence the healer/client relationship. Additionally, I have past-life connections with many of my students and clients. Therefore, days or hours before my session with them, I think of them while repeating this version of the Ho’ oponopono: “Please forgive me. I love you and I let go.” When repeated multiple times, this renders me neutral to any past toxic cords and connections and ready to help them heal.

Each session is customized to match the state of the client’s psyche. I am an intuitive, and I listen internally to what kind of support they may need. Sometimes it is a past-life journey, hands-on or remote healing, spiritual coaching, channeling, or a customized and channeled meditation. There is not one session from which I do not learn. Often, “Pierre” does not know what to do, but if I surrender to Spirit and ask for help, a brilliant, perfect, and customized protocol comes through.

After each session, the client has a list of items to do as a spiritual and self-development practice until the following session. If this is done, in no time their consciousness will expand, and they will evolve into a brighter and lighter version of themselves. I have to state here that I have ended my relationship with some clients in the past who came to bask in my light and made no effort to follow or maintain a spiritual practice. Feeling good because of my presence a few hours a week would make no significant change in their lives, and moreover, was a waste of my time. It was better to stop the relationship until they could commit to doing the work.

The greatest gift that I offer my client is that I hold space for them. I know that you have heard this before, but this is far beyond one wishing them to be well. Let me explain. Suppose that the world was in 2-D, having only length and width. Ascension is like having 3-D perception in a 2-D world. No matter what words you use, no one in 2-D would understand or know what you are taking about. Since ascension is a multi-sensory feeling and because we are all part of one body, I can share my elevation feeling or 3-D perception with my client. Holding space is sharing my elevation and liberation with my client at every session. They don’t know that I am doing it, but I do so at every session. It is shifting them temporarily in the hope that they will desire to get to that landscape on their own. This will accelerate their spiritual journey more than anything else. Some of my clients call it “the clarity” that I get when I am around you. It matters not what you call it as long as the shift and transformation is real.

My ideal client is an individual who is willing to do what it takes to change and transform their life. Your cosmic history is not relevant to me. It matters not what path you had followed. What is important is where you intend to travel. If you are committed to self-improvement, self-development, and are willing to do the work to be liberated and move into the flow, I am here to serve you.

I do what I do because “you can only keep what you are willing to give away.” If I want ascension, I have to facilitate the ascension of others. I am not better then you. I am simply more aware that I have blind spots and while working with you these blind spots will become visible to me. Thank you for being in my life for you are my biggest teacher.

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