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Creating Impeccable Boundaries and the Enmeshment with the Astral Realm.

We all exist as individuals separated from others. The edge of our skin tells us where we end and where others begin. Our fight or flight instinct is a powerful defense and survival mechanism that has allowed us to become the dominant species on the planet. At the first perception of physical danger, blood rushes into our limbs and our senses are heightened. We become stronger, faster, see and hear better, and we instinctively do what we must to survive. If someone is coming at us with a club, we enter survival mode. There is no room for rational thought.

Yet we are not separated. According to Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung, we are connected to each other by the “collective unconscious” – a vast network that links the subconscious mind of everyone in existence. In our brain, the limbic system or center where we process emotions has an area called the amygdala. This communication center bypasses our five senses and is responsible for transmitting and receiving data from everyone and everything in the Universe. It is highly social, but imperceptible to the conscious mind. Energetically, the amygdala projects outward as our emotional body. It is a radiation of astral matter that extends away from our body like a field. That astral, desire, and energy body is highly malleable and is the most common way of attracting into the physical world what we want. Every time we see or desire something, that desire sends a request into the astral realm to create a link in the collective unconscious that will lead to the manifestation of what we want.

Unfortunately, the astral realm is not a blank slate. Aside from the desires of everyone, there are earthbound souls, astral demons, fallen angels, negative ETs, and astral parasites. Therefore, our desires may reach a consciousness in the astral realm that may be willing to grant us what we want, but at a price. Keep in mind that these connections and negotiations are happening unconsciously and most of the above mentioned consciousnesses are shape shifters. In the process of acquiring your heart’s desire, you may be linking yourself to individuals with a disempowering agenda toward you. Although your desire was fulfilled, you now made an agreement with a soiled and lower energy system. The payback may be something that you don’t want.

Everyone wants and desires things. If you are solely focused on instant gratification, then you will have a large desire or astral body. You are unconsciously making a lot of deals in the astral world. This means that you have many attachments and back doors open in your astral body.

But our desires are not the only doorways into that realm. In our dreams, we often travel into the astral world. Finally, the most common psychic abilities come from connection to the astral field. If you are a medium, psychic, or shaman; you are constantly in touch with the astral world where all kinds of contamination can occur. If you do this for a living, you have to always be on the lookout for possible negative connections just by the nature of the world that you do commerce with.

A connection to the astral world is not the only way to attract what you want. There is a different way to manifest what you want. You have to allow your consciousness to travel to the causal body. It is a superior energy field that is above the astral body. Do the following:

Please extend your hands straight above your head. Look up at your fingertips about three feet above you. You are looking at the bottom of the causal or spiritual body, which is where your consciousness should be to initiate the opposite and manifest anything new. The causal body has been described as a field of endless possibilities. Now close your eyes again and take three deep breaths. Let your head begin to float above your body to a point three feet above your head. You should feel expanded and taller as if you had become a giant. Pay close attention to your observations. Realize that you have great clarity, single-mindedness, and focus. Now take a deep breath and open your eyes.

Any thoughts and ideas placed in that field will reach the Universal mind that will now precipitate the solution set to your query into the physical world. It is faster and bypasses all the contaminations of the astral world. Moreover, if the desire that you are bringing into the causal body was going to be harmful to you or others, the field will not allow you to focus the query. You will become distracted and realize that you have to change what you are asking into something more evolved.

No one is an island. We are all connected to each other. But that does not mean that we have to allow astral enmeshment and disempowerment to drain us of our resources and make us weak and unfulfilled. We may have done much work on the reprogramming of the subconscious mind and on our personal power, but at times, we may feel drained and at the mercy of external and unknown forces. No one can truly be in their personal power if the back doors of the desire and astral body are opened. If the back doors are opened, someone or something else is pulling the strings.

To close the back doors of the desire body, we have to perceive the limits and boundaries of our energy body. With appropriate discernment and the help of Goddess Pallas Athena, we can perceive our energy body with her Light of Truth and see the attachments and back doors that have opened. Having identified the breaches to our boundaries, we can now ask the Holy Spirit to disconnect and uproot all back doors, misqualified, and unbalanced energies. Next, call upon the God Force to close all gaps, voids, and openings left by this extraction. Now, ask Christ Consciousness to repair and seal all back doors permanently. Finally, we have to declare with the strength of our will and power that if any outside forces or intelligences attempt to cross the boundaries of our energy body that they will die the moment they cross the threshold.

That last part is the most difficult thing for lightworkers to formulate. You spend so much time sending love to the world that the thought of harming someone or something else causes unease. What you must understand is that your boundaries are not negotiable. Besides, the forces that you are dealing with only respond to intentions that are black or white. Remember the physical example mentioned above. If you are on the sidewalk and a car jumps to the curb and is moving toward you, your fight or flight instinct will take over and you do what you must do to live. This is exactly the same thing; it is about the survival and integrity of all of your bodies. It is a decree to the entire Universe. You will not be monitoring your boundaries and shooting down intrusion, but the Trinity of the God Force, the Holy Spirit and the Christ Consciousness will do this for you. You simply have to initiate the intention and this Holy Trinity will take care of the rest.

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