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Hidden Secrets of the Divine Feminine

We are living in extraordinary times. Our planet is moving to a location in the cosmos that took 31 million years to reach, thus aligning us directly with the Galactic Equator, with no stellar body to block the light of the Galactic Core. This light is causing us to reexamine all aspects of our life, and in such, the status quo and everyday humdrum are seriously lacking. We are all seeking meaning, purpose, and authentic expression.

Nowhere is this more evident than in gender roles, for we are collectively transitioning into a more authentic expression of our gender. In this blog, I will address some of the hidden secrets of the Divine Feminine Archetype. Next week, I will look at the Divine Masculine Archetype and conclude the succeeding week with the balancing of the masculine and feminine.

A cursory look at some of current and well-meaning teaching available about the Divine Feminine will show that many women today are happy to connect to their sensuality and sexuality, and the control of their bodies, though for far too long they had been made to feel ashamed about their sexual desires and fulfilment. Hurray for progress and growth! However, a deeper look will reveal that many women are sexually behaving just like men. They have become just as predatory as men. Many are taking part in sacred sexuality classes, which are often recruiting centers for private polyamorous circles. Is this really what the Divine Feminine Archetype is about?

In the Kabbalah, the root of the Divine Feminine energy is Geburah, which means “strength and fear,” whereas the root of the Divine Masculine is Chesed, or “love and mercy.” One would think that there was an error, but this is not so. The abundant flow of a man’s seed is an act of mercy and love in his attempt to help populate an empty Universe and create a progeny. Left unchecked, this overflow would become corrupt and manifest all kind of aberrations. Geburah is the restrictive power that has the intuitive knowledge to select, out of millions of sperm, the one that is the most viable for fertilization. If Chesed is force, Geburah is the resistance to the force and the power of selectivity. Unfortunately, many women are not selective. They are allowing themselves to be selected.

In nature, when a female is in heat, all the males will do courtship dances around her. She knows who she is and what she has. She owns that value, and she is not going to waste her worth on unsuited partners. She will intuitively select out of the pack of males the most viable partner so that the copulation will manifest strong offspring. This is the true power of the Divine Feminine. It is this innate and intuitive power of selectivity. All women archetypically possess this power, but many are disconnected from it. Some do not remember their innate worth and values, while others are looking to the outside for it. The more you want to be selected, the more disconnected you are to the power of the Divine Feminine. The Archetypical Divine Feminine does not need the outside to affirm her worth. She knows this through and through.

There is another reason for women to be selective about their sexual partners. A recent scientific study has found that a large percentage of women who never had sons carried male DNA in their blood. The only way that they may have come in contact with male DNA is through past sexual contact. It is a phenomenon known as Male Microchimerism. So the warning to women, as offered by spiritual teachers, that they will carry a link from every sexual partner they coupled with has a scientific basis.

There are many women who are copying the behavior of the patriarchy, thinking that this is equality. Many of them are more masculine then men. The archetypical roles of women and men are not equal. They are complementary. It is true that women and men should have the same social, economic, and political rights, but they are internally and archetypically wired differently. Aligning your life to the innate power of your gender and archetype will truly liberate you.

The Divine Feminine is the vessel for manifestation. For her to activate her power, she has to know her worth. You have to be super clear about what you are looking for. For example, what are you looking for in a partner: a lover, protection, security, sexuality, or intimacy? Once you know what you want, from your inner selectivity, broadcast it to the world. Now watch how the universe will bring all kind of suiters back to you. No need for you to jump the gun and select the first one who shows up. Keep in mind what you broadcasted. For example, security in a partner is not intimacy. You will innately know when you find your match. All you need to do is broadcast it, and it will come to you as long as you STAND IN YOUR SELECTIVITY.

Now this is not just about sexuality, but about everything you are trying to create or manifest in your life. As a man, I also have a feminine side where I can access the same selectivity. Manifestation will work much faster if we can all connect to this innate ability of the Divine Feminine to bring and attract to us what we need.

After more than 5,000 years of suppression, the Divine Feminine is rising. It has been absent for so long that many of us have forgotten who she is and what role or function she plays. We may make some mistakes as we adjust and try to remember who she is and how she can empower our lives.

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