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Meditation: Aligning to Gaia

Take a deep and slow breath and as you inhale and exhale slowly, allow the Universal Life Force that permeates everything to enter into your lungs. Keep breathing deeply and slowly and let your soul and awareness drop in the middle of your chest: Please forgive me. I love you and I let go.

I become aware of the heart of LADY GAIA in the core of the earth. Beloved Mother, I ask that my consciousness, heart, hope, and desires be aligned to your will that I may become a willing agent in the co-creation of heaven on earth.

Help remove all my personal agendas, egotistical power trips, and blind and fool hardy desires that are taking me out of alignment with the interdependence that merges all living systems on earth and in heaven.

Open me to the WISDOM of the vast emotional and spiritual intelligence that you are. Open my heart that I may begin to understand the nuances, connections, relationships, and cross-fertilization that exist between all things.

May your light and wisdom begin to rise and pass through the bottom of my feet and remove in me all cellular memories of all my fears, desires, wants that are miss-aligned with the elevation of humanity with Gaia. I surrender all of this into Source. I let go. Let all toxins, poisons that are in me that are blocking the co-creation of the ascendance of the world be released.

May my heart become clean in front of you and the Throne of God. Now let a cascade of endless blessings ground and pour down into me and my entire cellular structure. May the more than 50 trillion cells in my body begin to radiate and release the bio-photons – the stored light – that exist my body creating a beacon of light that connects me to GAIA like a key into a cylinder thus allowing my entire consciousness and energy column to channel the LOVE OF GOD.

May CHRISTOS flow through this pathway and let this announce the return your Celestial Consort back into you.

For I am the Monad. I am the Light Divine. I am Love. I am will. I am Power. I am Wisdom. I am fixed Design.


Hosanna into the Highest, Hosanna into the Highest, Hosanna into the Highest

Take a deep and slow breath and when you are ready open your eyes.

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