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Self-love and the Inner Child

The reprogramming of the negative ego work that a student on the path of light has to complete is daunting. The subconscious mind is populated with a plethora of disempowering programs that are seeking to hijack the conscious mind. Since the subconscious mind does not understand right from wrong, it will equally attempt to manifest a positive program or a negative one. Due to the fact that the subconscious mind will work to manifest any content 24 hours a day and seven days a week, it is in our best interest to reprogram the negative programs into something that will support ascendance. We keep the positive and reprogram the negative.

Aside from the programs that populate the sub-conscious mind, there exist in it archetypes. Unlike programs that are created by having an event or behavior repeated for more them 21 days, archetypes are like veins through which the matrix of life flow. Think of them as river beds where water flows through. They pre-exist the flow. There exist 12 major archetypes: The Destroyer, the Fool, the Child, the Magician, the Martyr, the Matriarch/Patriarch, the Ruler, the Seducer, the Seeker, the Servant, the Warrior, and the Wise One. All of the experiences that we must fulfill in this lifetime will flow through them.

Archetypes are essentially divine, but whether the flow is clear, turbulent, or contaminated with sediments will depend upon the first human model of this archetype that was experienced in this lifetime. For example, if we had an abusive father, the Divine template of the Patriarch archetype will be contaminated by the abuse. If we do not replace that filter with a different father figure, we will spend our entire life handicapped by this inappropriate, flawed, and human superimposition. The reprogramming of an archetype is complicated matter since the template is divine and permanently in place. This is the first flawed human experience that we must address.

If you try to declutter and befriend your subconscious mind, then you need to reprogram the imperfect human superimpositions of all 12 archetypes. This is an arduous but necessary process for your spiritual growth as a lightworker. However, the one archetype that is at the root of our identity and authentic expression is the Child. Once you master this archetype, everything will become easier. The Child is another term to describe your wounded inner child. If you are going to attempt to rescue that part of you, you must deal with superimpositions on the Patriarch/Matriarch or Father/Mother archetypes as well.

The rescue of your wounded inner child is the most important work that you may attempt to do because it is a minefield of raw and painful emotions that are at the root of your self-worth and self-value. None of us grew up in an ideal family or free from emotional damage projected on the inner child. Although you can’t rewrite the past, you can go back energetically and become the unconditionally loving parent and caregiver that your parents were not. The more unconditional self-love that can be projected toward the wounded inner child, the quicker the adult you will have worth and value. This is not an event but an ongoing relationship that must be maintained. For example, when you throw a tantrum, you must realize this is not the adult you, but your wounded inner child that feels this way. You must now parent the wounded child and calm him down. The nuances in awareness to notice these inner child tests are subtle but become easier to detect with time.

The tricky part of this inner relationship is to make sure that you are not allowing the human superimposition of your parents to contaminate you as the parent of your inner child. If the Patriarch/Matriarch filters that you experienced was permissive or abusive, you may find that you are doing the same to the inner child that you are trying to rescue. You need to become the unconditionally loving, but disciplined parent. You have to stalk self to find out when the inner child is acting out, wants attention, or love, but be equally vigilant for the type of parenting that you are giving to your inner child. In the event that the contaminations of your parental filter are coming through, you need to replace them with the behavior of the Divine Father and Mother.

To that end, follow this meditation:

“Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Relax your body, mind, and soul as you slowly inhale and exhale. Imagine that you are seated under an old tree in an idyllic meadow. It is a sunny day. There are beautiful white clouds floating past in the sky. You can smell the scent of the flowers and hear the birds singing. There are butterflies moving all around you. You feel at peace, safe, and supported.

From the distance a figure approaches. It is your father in this lifetime. As he stands in front of you with all his flaws and imperfections, the Divine Father appears and towers over him. The Divine Father moves into your father and overrides the flaws and imperfections, and what remains is a perfect expression of the father archetype. Now allow this blueprint to blend with your being and correct any and all imperfect imprints of the father archetype. You are transformed by this experience.

You stare out into the meadow, and a second figure approaches you. It is your mother in this lifetime. As she stands in front of you with all her flaws and imperfections, the Divine Mother appears and towers over her. The Divine Mother moves into your mother and overrides the flaws and the imperfections, and what remains is a perfect expression of the mother archetype. Now allow this blueprint to blend with your being and correct any and all imperfect imprints of the mother archetype. You are transformed by this experience.

In the distance a third figure approaches. It is your best friend holding in his arms a child. He asks you to babysit for a while and walks away. As you hold the child in your arms, you take a closer look and realize that it is you as an infant. You look into your inner child’s eyes, and you tell him that you love him unconditionally. You bring this fragile blessing closer to your heart, and you allow your heartbeat to blend with his. You let your love swell up inside you and envelop this beautiful expression of Divinity. You now make a promise that from this moment forward you will be the unconditionally loving, but disciplined parent; that you will be there to support, guide, and protect him to maturity.

Remain in that space for a while, and let the energy of this self-loving oath surround you. This meadow is a safe place where you can come at any time to visit and dialogue with your inner child. It is your sanctuary for intimate and private communication with the most precious and important part of you. Ask the child if there is anything that he wants to communicate to you and wait and listen for a response. As you prepare to leave the meadow, remind the child that you will always be there and that you are only a heartbeat away. You put the child in a bassinette and say goodbye, and you take a deep breath and open your eyes.”

Your relationship to your inner child is not something that you do for a time and then stop. It is a life time commitment for your self-worth and value is directly proportional to the unconditional love that you project toward your inner child.  If you keep this up, your inner child will grow from an infant to a boy/ girl and eventually becoming an adult of your age and blend with you. Till that time love your inner child unconditionally.

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