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The Drama of the Empath

An empath is a person so highly sensitive, that while in the company of others, he or she will absorb their emotional state. The empath is like a psychic sponge, able to know the emotional state of everyone and everything in their vicinity. Typically, they not only pick up the emotional state of everyone with whom they interact, but they also hold this emotional imprint for days or weeks. For the empath, being in a crowded room is torture, for the information captured involuntarily by the interactions will keep them on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Most empaths are born this way. For their entire life, they have been sensing others’ emotions and are completely unaware that the average person on earth is not mirroring the emotional state of those around them. Although they may intellectually understand the concept of emotional boundaries, they have no experiential knowledge of how to get there.

The majority of empaths whom I have met are highly depressed and suicidal. They run away from the world and hide in seclusion to avoid picking up the feelings of others. Even that is not enough, for they can empath the emotional state of others through mass media, as when looking at the wall on Facebook. Most empaths do not see their natural ability as a gift, but they perceive it as a curse. For the average person, there is a sense of the range of emotion that they are capable of expressing and feeling. For example, one can identify with being a moody, positive, happy, strong, or weak person. Anything outside of that general range is typically foreign and does not belong. For the empath, that boundary is not present. They are constantly being bombarded by perceptions, feelings, attachments, and entities that belong to others, all the while thinking that the assault belongs to them. It is not unusual for an empath to perform cleansing rituals two or more times per day in an attempt to remove the intrusion.

Not only do they have to constantly battle a sea of feelings, trying to separate what belongs and what is foreign, but they also have to remove any attachments and entities that are connected to the feelings that they have empathed.

How is this possible? The truth is that to a degree, we are all empaths. In the middle of our brain and below the cerebral cortex is the limbic system, which is the center of our emotional body. In this area is the amygdala, which is an organ that is able to perceive the subtle and dismissed stimulus presented to our five senses. The amygdala perceives all the details that our five senses do not register because we have objections and are trying to match our perceptions with an inherent version of reality. Additionally, as easily as the amygdala can perceive what our conscious self is not seeing, it can trigger a matching emotional reaction without conscious awareness being involved. This is done through a network of mirror neurons that are capable of picking up and reflecting the emotional state of others. The latest research in neuro science suggests that our brain is wired to be social, and the amygdala is very chatty, communicating constantly with others without conscious awareness.

But why is it that some can be with others and walk away feeling fine? While others are perpetually loosing themselves in the perceptions and feelings they are registering? The answer is twofold: The amygdala of the empath is highly trained to listen and seek information from others. Most empaths have been doing this for many lifetimes. Further, the subconscious intention that one holds during the interaction will determine what kind of exchange is taking place. Most empaths exist in a world of duality, seeking to extricate themselves from “bad” feelings and energies. They are subconsciously battling. They are seeking tactical data and information from others to make a judgment call and extract themselves from what they perceive as bad or unclean. This is nothing less than psychic spying. It is the invasion of someone else’s sovereignty with the intention of using the collected data against them.

When an empath perceives data or energy that is marginal, dark, or negative, he recoils in fear and panic. The moment that happens, his boundaries are breached, and the darkness that he fears will penetrate and attach to him. This is not the case for many others. Let me explain: When I give a hands-on healing to a client, I bring them into neutrality and allow the neutral field of Source to liberate them from negative energies and attachments. As soon as the parasitically attached forces are freed from the client, they will seek a new host. Typically, I am the nearest vessel, and they move quickly toward me. I see horrible visions, but because I am neutral, I do not recoil in fear. I simply observe them without having any objections. I notice what I notice, being completely detached. I am in Source; who can be against me? Every time these forces reach my body, they pass through me and exit on the other side as if I were invisible or a ghost. I am not charged. They have no polarity to connect to. They leave in search of another polarized vessel.

The key to enable an empath to create impeccable boundaries and exist in the world without the endless energetic intrusions is to become neutral. This is going to be a challenge for a being that has been polarized and listening for dark energies for several incarnations. There has to be a deep re-programming of the subconscious mind to remove the battling mentality.

Try repeating the Ho’ Oponopono or reconciliation prayer from the Kahunas of Hawaii to every thought that you have throughout the day for a minimum of 21 days: “Divine Creator, Father Mother, Son as One. If I, my family, relatives, and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives, and ancestors in thoughts, deeds, words, actions, and inactions from the beginning of our creation to the present, I ask for your forgiveness. Let this cleanse, purify, release, and end all negative memories, blocks, energies, and vibrations and transform these unwanted energies to pure light. And so it is done!”

Now this is complicated to repeat, so say the following shortened version, like a silent and endless mantra, to every thought, idea, judgement, sensation, and energy that you are sensing throughout the day: “Please forgive me. I love you and I let go.”

Do this in earnest, and you will soon be freed of all judgments and fears, which will then liberate you from all attachments. Whatever you perceive from others through your amygdala, it is not a weapon. Simply observe without any judgments or objections.

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