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The Glamour of the LIGHT

I was recently having a deep discussion with a lightworker friend of mine about her lack of direction, loss of passion, and personal upheaval. In her full power, she is like a force of nature, but for the past few years she has been struggling through an emotional family drama that has derailed her lightwork. As a result of this exchange, I wanted to write about the glamour, illusion, and Maya related to the lightwork.

You may be a lightworker, a being who is highly sensitive to the nuances and shifts of energy. You may be an empath, capable of feeling the emotional state of individuals around you. You may be an intuitive, have the gift of foresight, be clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient, but first and foremost, you are a human being. As such you need to address all the needs of the 3-D world that your body occupies.

There exists a glamour or superiority complex connected to identifying yourself as a lightworker. I have seen it in my students and clients. It is a negative ego perception or sense that they are light and therefore better than the rest of humanity. At the root of this is the fact that most spiritually gifted children grow up believing that there is something wrong with them. Thinking that they have an internal defect creates a major inferiority complex. Human society does not condone special abilities and gifts. The fact that they can sense and perceive what others cannot freaks people out and tends to ostracize them as being weird. It takes time and years of soul-searching to realize that their curse is not a liability, but a super-power.

Having that realization brings its own set of issues. The ego can be inflated into believing that you are now better than the rest of humanity. After all, superiority and inferiority complexes always exist in a seesaw relationship. They are only the other extremity of the same plank. In my practice, I have seen various degrees of this. Some focus only on the light or gift that they have and ignore everything else related to their human and mundane needs. At some point in the conversation with my friend mentioned above, I began to point to the toxic and co-dependent nature of her family dynamic that she has never healed or addressed. She was silent for a moment and said: “But doing all this is so human…” Exactly.

The human, psychological, and emotional side is equally important in our evolution and spiritual development. In fact, without being fully human, you cannot become Divine. Moreover, in your elevated tower of light, you will not be able to reach the rest of humanity. By connecting to your humanity and vulnerability, you will speak a common language that all humans share. It is only from this vantage point that you can present your light perception to the masses.

I have seen others who were busy separating themselves from bad or negative energy. They would walk into a room and begin to scan for bad energy. Many in the light community are addicted to doing this. First, it is a violation to comingle your energy grid with anyone else’s without their consent. It is true that our energy fields are constantly overlapping each other. But to take this as a license for you to psychically spy on others so that you can feel superior is a sin. If you are constantly perceiving the darkness in others, the source of the darkness is not without. It is within you. You need to reconcile the reason why you are attuned to this kind of frequency. In all likelihood, you are not neutral to the paths and choices of others. You have an underlying control issue that is not resolved.

Some feel it is their responsibility to anchor a new light grid on the earth, and so they travel from one earth location to the next, grounding light codes. What they are doing is battling. They arm themselves with spiritual weapons and armor and gather in groups to chase supposed dark forces and intelligences. First off, it is disrespectful of choices that living, sentient beings are making at said location. Second, is this your fight? Why do you feel that you need to do this? Moreover, these dark intelligences for the most part do not care about the triviality of your life. However, battle with them, and they will have their gaze fixed on you. Even if you are well protected and they cannot attack you, they will attack who or what you love the most.

If you are a zealot for the light or dark, you are out of balance. The true purpose of the wayshower is to reconcile the polarities that have kept the world in conflict for eons. Instead of choosing the extreme, radiate a light of neutrality and demonstrate to the world the path of conflict resolution.

The true path of a lightworker is that of a being who is spiritually gifted, but who is also fully human. By working on your negative ego you get in touch with all that it is to be human: the joy, the pain, the suffering, and the vulnerability. You don’t need to be perfect. You need to demonstrate to the world how to overcome human flaws and transcend into the Divine. To speak only of divine virtues without showing the world how to transmute negative situations and emotions into light will make you un-relatable.

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