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The Nature of the Bond Between the Master and the Student

In ancient time, the relationship between the Master and student was sacred. The student would spend months, if not years, petitioning the Master to accept him as a student. This was often a lifetime commitment and the student knew that the Master would not accept any candidate without a test or trial of the seriousness, dedication, obedience, and appropriate moral compass of the student. Once the student was accepted by the Master, the relationship was akin to a father-son dynamic. The Master would spend a considerable amount of time to instruct, teach, and convey the wisdom behind spiritual laws to the student. The relationship is sacred beyond measure due to a symbiotic connection that blends the evolution, growth, and karma of the student and Master.

It is a relationship that is entered into by both parties with no ambiguity of responsibilities. The Master will instruct, teach, and share everything that he knows matching the spiritual readiness, evolution, and growth of the student. The Master is careful that his instructions are tailored to the student’s current spiritual level. He is cognizant that knowledge revealed prematurely can fracture so he instructs the student lovingly like you would a child. The purpose of this great care is that the Master desires ascendance for the student as much the student wants it. The Master wants the student to someday stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him. Thus, the Master wants to spare the student of the errors, twists, and turns that can derail the ascension process. But the timing of the student’s ascendance is his own. The Master simply supports the process, thus allowing the student to ascend at his own pace.

The Master gains a great deal from this investment in time, love, and care. True mastership can only be achieved when you are willing to give to others what you know. You can only keep what you are willing to give away. By sharing and attempting to instruct, you truly understand. As you support the dynamic evolution of the student, you will be faced with situations and queries from the student that are beyond your expectation. In those instances, something extraordinary happens: the Universe miraculously brings you the answers and knowledge that matched the student’s need. The Universe will give you what you need – not what you want. Since you need to instruct your student, your knowledge base, wisdom, compassion, and ascension will expand to the degree that you have a need to share. Without the student, the Master’s understanding and knowledge is limited. No one ascends alone. By sharing and giving ascension, the Master reaches greater height.

The student must have a level of discernment to find the right Master. There are many schools of thought and individuals that are claiming to be Masters. You have eyes and ears. Look not at what they say, but at what they do. How are they acting with their loved ones or in their personal relationships? If they can handle family drama in an ascended way, they are Masters. Additionally, does the path that they describe resonate with you? You also want to make sure that they are truly empowering students to evolve and grow to their level and that they are not taking the personal power of students away.

The true beauty of having a Master is that he can help you not only with tools and methodologies on what to do, but how to avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that exist on the path towards ascension. Step by step, you are being guided to a higher level of initiation.

To the Master, the student is part of his spiritual family. He is not only the spiritual father but the defender of his flock. In the event of a spiritual challenge or danger, the Master will not allow the student to fall. He will go into the pits of hell to protect, defend, and support the loyal student. At no point should a master have sexual relations with his students. This is one of the greatest Achilles points that will derail both the student and Master for multiple lifetimes.

Due to the busy and transitory nature of our life, few students make that kind of commitment toward a path or Master. Most students want to take a six-month course and be called a “Master.” The expectation of a culture of instant gratification does not match the reality of ascension which takes years of work and commitment to achieve. How could anyone expect to clear 51 percent of their karma in such a short time? This is the minimum amount of effort that it takes for the ascension process to begin. Although many would-be Masters guarantee the time frame in which the student can expect rapid and miraculous transformation, the truth is that each student’s timing will be different since each individual’s karma has to unravel organically.

In my experience, when students are committed, I am devoted to them. I will do whatever is necessary to support and guide them through their ascension process. If they are ever in danger and in need of energetic support while awake or in dream time, I will be there to protect them. All my students can attest to that fact. But to the transitory students that want ascendance and to become a teacher in six months to a year, I give love and understanding, but withdraw that level of support. They are with me for a brief time and will leave when they realize that they are not going to get what they want from me. I don’t have fairy dust and can’t make them fly by blowing it on them.

Because of the need to teach the students in his care, the knowledge and wisdom of the Master will vastly increase. Without the students, that knowledge would be narrow and limited. As a group body, students and Masters form a unit that moves toward ascension. My guides are always clear about their instructions. It is direct to the evolution and health of the group body, which is the energetic presence created by the collective of me and my students. As an example, they will not let us move from the topic of “neutrality” in my Sunday ascension class. I have been teaching different and in-depth nuances of neutrality for 15 months because the group body has not mastered the topic completely.

Since no one ascend alone. Find the collective or group that best suits your temperament. Link yourself to the master that can support, love, guide, and protect you through your ascension process. Together you will create a force that is greater them the sum of the parts.

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