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The Power of Your Vulnerability

On my journey on the path of ascension, I have read many books and sacred texts that claimed to reveal in a few easy steps the way toward enlightenment. Some are highly inspirational describing a reality that so elevated that I feel shifted by the words. But the moment I return back to the real world that soon dissipates. The fleeting light frequency becomes a vague and unreachable memory. The books that remain my go-to guides in moments of crisis share the same foundation: the authors and spiritual teachers illustrate the teachings through their own personal struggles and examples. This is what connected me to my own spiritual teacher. He was not only a living example of ascendance on earth, but spent a lot of time candidly describing his struggles on the path of light.

Suppose that the world is a flat plane with only the dimensions of length and width. Ascension is having height perception in a 2-D world. It is an elevation and multi-sensory perception that no words in the dictionary can describe. The only way you can connect to it is by a leap of faith. But that faith is often tested against the harsh reality of lower dimensional existence. Some are able to make that leap, but for the vast majority of the planet, the spiritual principles must be illustrated by examples that they can process and comprehend. If you can explain how you have achieved ascension from the perspective of an average human being struggling to access an elevated awareness, many people will start to understand the ascension process. While the so-called ascension teacher who describes the elevation from a high frequency level will inspire and reach some students, the authentic ascension teacher who illustrates the spiritual principles from his own personal and vulnerable experiences will move masses.

Ascension hinges on emotional mastery, but every aspect of daily living conspires to make us emotionally reactive. To master your emotion means that you have to swim against the current. This process involves shedding layers of suppressed suffering, fear and shame. By exposing our vulnerabilities rather than concealing them, we can connect to a vast silent collective that feels the same but is too afraid to voice their struggles. The difference between the silent sufferers and the effective spiritual leader is that the effective leader has found the courage to talk about his inner struggles. Moreover, the leader has processed his feelings in a manner that help illustrate his control over some deep spiritual principles. This is more encouraging and inspiring than a pep talk about the landscape of the ascended world. The average person does not know how to reach that mythical and perfect realm of ascension from the mud pit that they are standing in. If however you speak about how you overcame you emotional reactions by the sharing of personal vulnerable example, you are suddenly relatable. I remember thinking about the value of my spiritual teacher’s stories: “He is so elevated but struggled with the same issues I am dealing with. If he ascended, I can do it too.”

I am an introvert and a very private person. Yet, I now teach in a similar manner. I share generously about my personal journey and experiences with all my students.  Although I still have an initial hesitancy to protect my personal life, I understand the profound impact on my students when I share my stories. It connects my students to high, complex, and arcane spiritual principles.

Vulnerability is not a weakness; it is a superpower. Your inner fragility hides behind a force that will help liberate you and thousands (if not millions) when released into the world. Behind your personal shame stand millions of other souls who are looking for someone to become their champion and give voice to their struggle and liberate them from centuries of silence and repression. If you can find the courage to be this champion and openly express what is lurking in the shadows, you will free yourself and guide millions into healing. Stop trying to present a perfect face to the world and acknowledge the truth that you are human and imperfect. It is from this place of honesty and sincerity that ascension begins. You must first become fully human before you can become divine.

Do the following meditation: “Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Allow the universal life force that permeates everything to enter into your lungs. Keep breathing deeply and slowly. Now let your awareness and head drop into the middle of your chest and recite the prayer: Please forgive me. I love you and I let go. Please forgive me. I love you and I let go. Become aware of all points and areas where you are holding weaknesses, fears and vulnerabilities. Notice what you notice. See all breakable and extinguishable parts of your core. Just observe them without having any objection and recite, Please forgive me. I love you and I let go. Take a deep breath and allow the light of neutrality to blend with these points and dissolve all fears and charge from them.

Realize that these vulnerable points hold a vast reservoir of power. By exposing and releasing that light into the world, you will become a leader and champion for others who are suppressing that frequency. From your authentic core, allow a beacon of light to be released from your core composed of all the exposed vulnerable points that existed within. Repeat the prayer again: “Please forgive me. I love you and I let go.” Take a very deep breath and let your light shine into the world. Take one more deep breath, and when you feel ready, you may open your eyes.”

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