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The Quickening 2017 and Beyond

Channeled by Pierre Dubois

The year 2016 is ending, and many are wishing it a quick exit for 2016 has been brutal. Many of you have faced great challenges: some physical, emotional, psychological, mental, spiritual, political, and financial. But 2017 and beyond may not be smooth sailing. I have been sitting on this information for the past week and a half, trying to figure out a way to say this without sounding like I am spreading fear. As a seer, I wish that I had better news. The next ten years are looking chaotic and highly unstable.

For the past four years my guides, The Galactic Regent Council, have been saying that the future of the earth is undecided. Moreover, that there are multiple potential futures that are battling for control and dominance while occupying the same space. They have even stated that the leaders of political groups or ideologies are the champions for these various futures who are recruiting souls in the hope of achieving the critical mass needed to entrain the planet. But so far, no potential future has reached this threshold. I did not fully understand what was meant when I channeled the information, but now things are clearer.

Due to this rapid exchange between potential future realities, what used to work and be satisfactory or meaningful will become irrelevant in no time. What was true and relevant about your identity, business, spiritual practice, or reason for living may change at a moment’s notice. The best analogy to explain this is to think of a liquid that is boiling. At any point there are multiple bubbles popping on the surface. Once one bubble pops another one may rise in the same location. The process will be repeated as long as heat is being applied. Each bubble is a potential for a future reality. Now since we are moving into new realities, your relevance in the old paradigm will become devoid of meaning. So you now have to find relevance in the emerging reality. However, do not get too comfortable for that may also disappear in few months.

For us to transition into the future earth, we have to move to a series of rapid changes. As far as I can see, this process, referred to by the Galactic Regent Council as the “quickening,” will continue for the next ten years. What happens beyond that point is not yet visible to me. So the most important thing that any of us can do right to support this rapid transition is to look into our subconscious minds for the blind spots while demolishing our inner constructs of self-deceit. If we become too attached to the existing relationships, identities, and personas that we have created, we are going to experience pain and suffering as existing paradigms are faded away. On the other hand, if we are willing to do the inner, or shadow, work that will reveal to us the fundamental flaws in our belief system, we will grow exponentially. This is an incredible gift of accelerated elevation of consciousness that everyone on the planet has access to right now. What a powerful moment for us to be incarnated, for if we do the work, many of us will rise as ascended leaders, founding masters, and grounding rods for the future earth.

Some of you may have noticed that a schism has happened, as many tend to relate and interact only with individuals who share their same values. While right next door others with different value systems exist in their own bubbles. Each one will attempt to gather recruits so that dominance and control can be achieved.

On a personal level this past year was riddled with challenges for me, which turned into incredible gifts and opportunities for growth and elevations of consciousness. I have received multiple upgrades on my initiation levels in past 13 months due to my dedication and steadfastness to my inner work. I have intended, and still intend, to transform my inner “lead” into “gold.” As a result of this, I know myself in such intimate ways, and I own every step in that rise.

Now since the quickening is being orchestrated Deus ex machina, you might as well use this time frame for what it was designed for. The individuals who have suffered are holding on to old constructs or are not willing to deconstruct the existing paradigm of self-deceit. Holding on to the old and outdated will only bring pain and suffering. I invite you to yield and go into the recess of your subconscious mind and reprogram your blind spots into light. It is within your feared darkness that the key to your elevation exists. It is much easier to learn by grace than it is to learn by karma. In fact, this is what you signed up for. The time for this work is overdue. You have to step up to the plate and become the God/ Goddess that you are.

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