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Update Predictions 2020 and Beyond

Galactic Regent Council Channel by Pierre Dubois

We are the Galactic Regent Council, a collective of 12 galactic elders who compose the governance of the Milky Way Galaxy. We started to warn you about the potential of a global health pandemic five years ago, and now that it is here, your perception will be vastly different from us. Your collective pain, fear, loss, and grief have reached us. Beloved, we hope to give further clarification and guidance to help you manage your transit through this time of change and transformation. Many of you have prayed and asked for a way toward the new earth. The path is around you. You are now living in it. It is through this pandemic and the related events and effects that the new earth will become visible.

Every dimension is held in place by one shared pursuit or activity and the related emotions that this activity creates. For example, the 3-D reality is held in place by humans trying to survive. That survival struggle causes humanity to fight, flee, horde, feel victimized, conquer, and if lucky, experience conditional love. The higher dimensions—4-D, 5-D, and beyond—are also held in place by collective pursuits and related higher emotions. What are these pursuits and higher emotions you may ask? It is for you to discover. For the path to the higher realm has to be earned. You have free will, and you have to make a choice to either remain in the status quo or be emancipated beyond it. Once 144,000 of you will have selected this new pursuit, it will be broadcasted and released to entrain others into this higher choice. For now, by your internal struggles to discover this pursuit, you are bushwhacking a path that others will ultimately follow.

This pandemic is a test or opportunity for you to stop responding to it from survival needs. How do we do this, you may ask? Here are some suggestions: lean into the fears, pain, and suffering that this is creating in you. Whether you have lost friends, family members, job, money, or freedom, it will translate into feeling vulnerable and out of control. These things you need to accept. You need to understand that something beyond your capability to solve, resolve, or address by your intelligence or cunning is taking place. You need to become humble and ask for help. Realize that your singular, individual, and separate expression is an illusion. You belong to an infinite continuum of omnipotence and super-consciousness.

YOUR HIGHER POWER: This is the part of this process that many of you are struggling with. You have to surrender this vulnerability and empty it out into your higher power, however it shows up for you. The problem is that, due to the abuses committed by the church, many of you have a fuzzy and undefined relationship to your God Concept. In other words, what does higher or divine consciousness look like to you? If you are challenged by this, you will need to remedy it by a daily spiritual practice, for the more defined this is, the easier it will be for you to surrender and let go of your emotional reactive trigger of responding to this pandemic with survival issues.

INNER CLARITY: Once you have let go, you will find a vast repertoire of solution sets and responses that will rush in, giving you perfect clarity, certainty, and profound trust. This will come only when you have transcended that reptilian survival instinct. Instead of trying to solve 3-D challenges i.e. surviving by your own cunning; tap into this continuum of Higher Consciousness and TRUST that the solution set will show up for you are not alone. At first, this certainty will come in waves. It will be like a boat riding giant waves of happiness and certainty followed by dips into doubts and fears. Yet at some point in this process, the higher reaction will prevail and become the new default.

PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, AND SPIRITUAL AGILITY: You will have to learn how to quickly move and change in a landscape that is mutating right in front of you. At times, you will have to physically move and change location so that you can be safe. Additionally, you will need to process feelings faster. In this collective experience of grief and loss, you will need to move through the five stages of grief: denial, anger, depression, bargaining, and acceptance by grace. Beware that grief is often experienced cumulatively. Once there is a trigger, every loss that you have ever experienced opens up like an accordion. Finally, your God Concept will evolve and grow, and you will have to be open minded enough to allow this transformation. RESILIENCY AND SUSTAINABILITY: Whatever new ways that you may have arrived at to handle the changes that are happening around you, they have to be resilient and sustainable. For example, many of you are worried about your finances and the long-term effect that the shutdown will have on it. You are worried about going deeper into debt. Therefore you want everything to open up as soon as possible. This is not a resilient response. It is a survival reaction. This reaction would continue to maintain the existing paradigm. Understand that the consumer and debt driving global economy only serve the bank and lender. It is not about money, for money is a symbol for energy. This is a system established long ago to reverse planetary ascension. Everything must be created from something. NO FREE ENERGY. Yet banks give themselves the power to create money out of thin air, which the consumers will have to spend the next 30 years repaying in principal plus interest. The burden of the 30 years of work to repay the loan is an energy imbalance that will now cord the consumer to the lender to reincarnate and balance the scale in future lives. Since the whole planet is doing this, you can understand why in some circles incarnating on earth is considered like prisonment. This is the most toxic system that is keeping you away from the new earth, for it is disguised as something else.

COMMUNITY: The changes and transformations that are taking place are going to be so rapid and dramatic that you are going to find it difficult to adjust alone. You will need to find your tribe or community. This will not be an intellectual exercise of individuals who profess spiritual, philosophical, or political alignment to one principle or another. The one thing that the pandemic is doing is exposing the real emotional baseline that so-called good people exist in. The light of the galactic equator is “truth, authenticity, and transparency.” The pandemic is exposing their core resonance. If your friends are reacting from survival and you are trying to be emancipated, no matter how much you love them, they will not be part of your community. Your frequency and theirs will not match. Remember that at the time of the galactic equator crossing, the Light of the Galactic Core will assess every human being and match them to a reality that aligns to the emotion that occupies most of their energy grid. ADAPTATION: This entire process will help you grow, evolve, and adapt to a better and higher version of yourself. Adaptation is your arrival at the next plateau of the evolutionary scale. It is a territory that is unlike anything that you already know. To put it differently, it will expose the limitations of the past and the expansion of the now, simultaneously. Initially, leaning how to exist in a new density will be filled with wonderment. Keep in mind that all the higher gates are open. You can choose to travel to the 4-D and just plateau there. You can also select to travel beyond that point, but keep in mind that the ascended tomorrow exists in 5-D. The choice is yours. You can plateau wherever you feel comfortable or continue to grow and evolve.

How long this pandemic is going to last will depend on how quickly humanity learns. Since you are separate individuals making choices, the real answer lies in a range of 3 to 10 years. The number of dead will increase the longer that this lesson lasts. The potential also exists of another pathogen coming to the surface if the lesson is not learned. Be aware that like dominoes falling down, the pandemic will affect other events: Aside from the global financial crisis that this will create, it will also cause food shortage, famine, and devastation in the food creation and distribution system especially in third world countries. War and battle may breakout because of this.

Additionally, political, social, and regional alliances and units will fall apart. What was kept together by national identity will fail as tribalizing and survival become enflamed by the crisis. Countries will break apart. Climate-change events such as wild fires, drought, tornados, hurricanes, cyclones, typhons, earthquakes, volcanos, and even magnetic fluctuation of the poles and the planetary magnetosphere will cause human unease, agitation, and panic. In this moment of polarization and divisiveness, don’t waste your time trying to convince your friends and family members of the wisdom and merit of ascendance. You will not succeed. You need to understand that multiple parallel realities are occupying the earth and are seeking to gather enough souls so that they can generate a wave function collapse or portal into said parallel world. Many of your dear friends and family members have already made a choice as to where they are going to go. The wheat is being separated from the chaff.

As stated in previous channeling, your planet and solar system are rotating around the galactic core. Eight times during the 250-million-year rotation around the core, your planet wobble up and down the thickness of Milky Way to cross the light of the galactic equator without any stellar bodies in the way. When this happens, dimension shift and mass ascension occur. This is the Great Galactic Harvest which happens every 31 million years. Your planet is moving toward this crossing. At the time of the crossing, each individual will be accessed for emotional fitness and will be matched to a resonating parallel reality. Moreover during the crossing, there will be 3 days of darkness – a time when the sun will not shine. And when the sun return, the New Earth will be 4,429 light years away from your present location.

Keep in mind, if you are doing the work and are following our advice; you will transition safely into the New Earth. We look forward to having a more direct and open communication with you as an ascended planet.

Rest assured that all of the above described are not punishments. They are the process by which you transition into higher dimensions. We in the Galactic Core are rooting for you. We love you, as evidence by this guidance. It is in the interest of the great galactic evolutionary process that you ascend.

We are the Galactic Regent Council. We bless you. Thank you for this opportunity to share.

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