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Where is the Center of your Power"

Without the total ownership our power, we are a weak and controllable aspect of what we were created to be. Further, the path towards ascension is blocked as long as our power is located outside of self. These are not just words on a screen; they are cosmic truth that requires that every candidate on the path of ascension retrieves the fragmented axes of their power back into self for only then can they achieve liberation from the wheel of karma.

What is your power? Personal power is your ability to be decisive and choose your own course of action free of external influences. It is the power generated by your will and volition. It is you owning your role as a co-creator with God. It is a force that helps manifest the change and transformation that you conceive.

Each one of us was created having the right to choose, to select our own path and chart our own course.  However, that ability is often capitulated to others through the process of enculturation. When we are children, the center of that power is weak. Since all children desire love and acceptance, they look toward their caregivers and peers for approval. Over time this need for acceptance may cause the developing child to become inauthentic and behave in manner that is expected rather than follow his own inner calling. No one wants to be ostracized or be the freak. That desire to belong and be loved is a major accomplice in making us obedient to the wants of the environment causing us to capitulate our power to others. After a life time of doing this, the center of our power may reside in the fears that are being propagated through the media, an overbearing family member, hedonistic pleasure, desire for fame, a media personality, a political leader, our country, religion, or a spiritual leader.

Although it is easy for us to detect when others are not in their personal power, disempowered individuals are oblivious to these blind spots. They see themselves as independent and autonomous, when in reality, they are leaning on an outside force for approval. Giving your power away is not something that you wake up one morning and start practicing. Rather, it is a gradual and incremental deference of your decisiveness to the words, advice, or ideas of an outside being or force. It can happen to anyone.

As part of my ascension training a few years ago, I sent a monthly report on all aspects of my personal, business, and spiritual life to a spiritual coach. She was accurate and made many insightful comments. I thought highly of her until her feedback on my report about a vast energetic expansion. She called my experience an “illusion” and that she needed to channel to set me straight. I knew in my core that I began to ascend and that she was completely wrong. I was hurt and shocked by her words, but also realized that over the course of four years of coaching, I had given her the right to veto me. It took me three months of battle in the psychic plane to retrieve that power back. For four years, I did not see that my power center had shifted. I was blinded to this fact. We all need the advice of others so that we can make informed decisions, but it is a completely different thing to blindly obey.

I hear lightworkers say often: “I am completely obeisant. Wherever and whatever my guides tell me to do or go, I do.” These are individuals that are not in their power. If you happen to be around a living saint or a spiritual master, it is easy to project your power into them. After witnessing demonstration of the teacher’s power and ability, the devotees or followers will slowly give their power away. It is human nature to focus on the manifestation of the light rather than the force behind the light. It is natural to worship the light fixture rather than try to understand the force and energy that creates the illumination. Even when the teacher attempts to show the student how to do what he does, the student will be stuck worshiping the personality of the teacher.

Ascension is a merger with the God Force. That force is 96 percent of everything that exists in the universe. In fact, it occupies the space that exists between our protons and electrons. You have a natural connection to this Force. Your ascension begins once you understand this proximity and accept the endless gifts from Source. The use of a guru or avatar as a mediator between you and this Force disrupts that connection. If the manifestation of the God Force –whether it’s Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Abraham, Baba, or Amma – is the intermediary between you and the God Force, you have capitulated your power. This is a major stumbling block for the lightworker community since this type of energetic relationship undermines your worth, importance, and value to connect to the God Force directly. A lack of self-worth, self-love, or disempowerment makes you seek the assistance of a Holy Man or Woman. Although you are physically and permanently linked to the God Force, that connection is contaminated by your shame.|

In the past ages, humanity evolution was related to the coming of a World Savior or Holy Man. This is because humanity was lagging behind in spiritual maturity and was not capable to understand the abstract concept of a God Force that is everywhere. This negative connection – the subservient energy of the devotee to the guru – was the only way to bring the human collective to the next level of growth. It is now time to further evolve your God Concept. The idea of the guru or world teacher is outdated for the Age of Aquarius where everyone on Earth is called to become gods and goddesses.

Rise brothers and sisters and unburden yourselves of the last vestige of the Piscean Age. Pull your power away from your guru, avatar, and spiritual teacher. Declare your spiritual autonomy and self-reliance and let your direct connection to the God Force bless you infinitely with peace, serenity, and ascension. This is not a disrespect towards your spiritual elders, tradition, and lineage. It is an emancipation and maturation of your being. Your playing small serves no one. Become the gods and goddesses and co-creators with GOD that you were meant to be and in the process help rescue humanity. I know that I risk offending some that may consider the connection to their guru sacrosanct. Use your discernment and find the level of truth that suits you.

For the majority of my life, I have been afraid to release to the world the full light and illumination that lies with me. Even in this platform, I am constantly trying to find a dimmer switch so that I do not blind others. In this post, I took a risk to let you peak at what lies behind the curtain.

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