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A Prayer for World Peace

Standing on the edges of the darkness and horror of war, LORD help humanity finds peace and healing.

May your light, compassion, and mercy embrace and support the victims, the displaced, and the dead.

Illumine the hearts and minds of world leaders to find a way to resolve conflicts and disagreements without death and destruction.

May all wars, battles, and conflicts end. BRING PEACE TO THE WORLD!

But peace cannot be demonstrated in the world, if we are not individually and internally at peace with ourselves.

We acknowledge our own inner brokenness, pain, suffering, and fears: our own internal war.

We ask for forgiveness for all the times, since the beginning of creation until now that we tried to hoard, attack, dominate, and conquer as a reaction to a need to survive.

Attack is a loss of control and an attempt to gain it back.

My lack of internally and externally control is big fear trigger and I am afraid.

I surrender that fear unto you LORD for you are my REDEMEER. I let go completely.

May it be replaced by your PEACE, HEALING, COMPASSION, REPAIR, AND LOVE.

May the peace, serenity, and liberation that I now know radiate to the world.

Let humanity find PEACE PROFOUND by your grace and mercy.


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