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Finding GOD in a Time of Crisis

By witnessing the events that are happening around us, we can become unsettled, for we are living through tough times. For example, the weather patterns are no longer predictable; from drought, flooding, forest fires, heat waves that are melting asphalt, and increased seismic activities, nature seem to be conspiring against us. The financial markets are unstable, while the prospect of a reasonable political candidate for the presidency is not in sight. What the future holds is at best unclear and at worst catastrophic. Yet, it is the ability to adapt to a changing world that has made us “Homo sapiens,” or “intelligent human.” If we cannot forecast the future, we cannot create a plan to adapt and survive.

Additionally, all suppressed and repressed psychological and emotional issues that have been unaddressed are being presented to us in the real world as a mirror, attempting to help us resolve our blind spots. Since the planet is moving into a higher frequency, this is how the Universe is trying to help us achieve balance and equilibrium. They are opportunities disguised as crises.

But many blame outside factors—the retrograde, the eclipse, this planet squaring that one, the Muslim, the Jew, or the Mexican—but never take responsibility or ownership for our co-creation of the issues we are facing. God forbid that we have to change so that we can reframe our disempowerment into a success or victory.

Many feel overwhelmed by the catastrophic, fearful, and unpredictable future that looms on the horizon. If you are an intuitive or a lightworker, this impact is felt to a far greater degree than the average person. As an intuitive, you rely on your ability to sense the future, but when that future is not visible or appears catastrophic, you become overwhelmed by fears. If you cannot forecast the future based on facts or intuitive knowledge, you cannot adapt and survive.

I hear it in my practice often enough: “I do not know what I should be doing any more. Nothing seems to work. Everything that I have tried failed. Tell me what I should do? I need your input and guidance.” Many are not sleeping well and are depressed or even suicidal for they are trying by their own merits and devices to solve or avoid the looming changes. They think that they are God’s assistants and that they know what should be done. Yet, every effort leads to failure.

Rather than trying to be Atlas and attempting to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, surrender all your fears, burdens, and disempowerment to God. When I mention this to my clients, I am surprised to see how many of them do not have a daily spiritual practice! They may be lightwokers, healers, intuitives, or psychics, but their spiritual life is impoverished for they do not have an intimate relationship with their Creator.

Spirituality is not synonymous with having psychic gifts. Psychic ability is an innate predisposition, like having an aptitude for math or the arts. Spirituality is a personal and intimate relationship with your Higher Power. It is a relationship that is maintained with daily practice in which you dialogue with the Divine. The fact that you meditate and do yoga every day does not mean that you have a spiritual life. You are certainly close to the Divine, but something else is missing. If meditation is listening to God and prayer is talking to God, your spiritual practice should include both.

In your spiritual practice, you subordinate your will to the Divine will. In your prayers, you ask God to remove your fears, disempowerment, and shame. You release all of your burdens into a force that has an infinite number of solution sets that can remove your disempowerment. It is a benevolent, kind, and supportive energy that is seeking to help you reconcile. The key is that the reconciliation cannot be imposed. You have to ask for it, and it will be installed, instantly and miraculously.

If you solely rely on your own intelligence and devices to solve the sea of challenges that humanity is facing, you will quickly be overwhelmed by fears. If you have a spiritual practice in which you surrender these burdens to God, the solution set will come to you in meditation.

Although some may believe that God speaks to them often, let me just say that true spiritual guidance is never loud; rather it is subtle and faint, like a wave of understanding or knowing that washes over you. There is always rightness or alignment in the solution set that comes in. It is the feeling of having an epiphany. Many impressions that you may be feeling or receiving during meditation may not be coming from God. It could coming from your negative ego, fears, or inner desires. Use your discernment to determine which is from God and which is coming from your lower bodies.

For example, if you are receiving a message that is flattering you and telling that you do not have to do negative ego work anymore for you are already ascended, it is not of God. There is always room to change, grow, and evolve. This is your responsibility and work. God is not going to remove this from you.

The pain and suffering stemming from the instability of the future can easily be removed if we surrender our fears into our Higher Power. Evolve a spiritual practice, and let God remove all pain and suffering.

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