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Guidance for Healers in a Time of Chaos

Fear is rising. More individuals are feeling polarized by the election results. Long-standing friendships and relationships are being severed as a result of divergent political choices made. All over the country, people are out in the street protesting what they see as a catastrophic presidential choice. This political fear is not unique to the USA. It is also happening in Syria, Venezuela, Brazil, and South Korea to name a few. As an empath, I feel the grief and fear in the ethos of the planet, and I know that nothing will ever be the same. I spent the last few weeks talking to healers and planetary teachers who cannot process or comprehend the reasons behind this reality that we have to contend with. What is the underpinning of these political choices?

For four years I have been channeling this information from my guides, The Galactic Regent Council. Here is a link to the last channeling.  The bottom line of their message is that the earth is rising above the crust of the thickness of the Milky Way Galaxy, a cosmological event that occurs once every 31 million years. They call this “The Galactic Equator Crossing.” When this happens, the planet will be fully bathed by the Nameless Light. This will cause every human being on earth to be evaluated and then moved to a reality that matches the emotion that consumes most of their psychic energy. Without judgment or prejudice, this will happen. The Nameless Light will factually separate everyone according to the criteria stated above. The earth will then split into multiple realities.

Every time there is a paradigm shift there is a major battle between the old and new belief systems. But we are not just changing paradigms; we are changing dimensions. The work of adapting and changing that needs to take place is a lot more profound.

Here is the truth. It is not the emotions that are conscious that consume most of our psychic energy. It is what we have suppressed in the bowels of the subconscious mind that holds most of our power, for it takes a lot of energy to hold the truth behind a psychic wall. What is lurking in the depth of our subconscious mind is very different from what we identify with or profess to be. Yet we are blinded by these repressed emotions, for we are masters of self-deceit.

None of these totalitarian regimes would exist if we did not unconsciously co-create them by allowing festering and repressed feelings and emotions in our subconscious mind to project into the political stage. We are co-creating this external chaos by not processing our internal blind spots. Now that we are at this crossroad, we need to pull back our projections by working on removing our own internal fears, xenophobia, and racism. We need to transmute our internal darkness into light. I am not naïve; I know that seven billion people on the planet will not do this work before the Galactic Equator Crossing. But it is within the realm of possibilities that 10% of the planet—i.e., the lightworker community—can do this. When this happens, the enlightened collective consciousness can now broadcast a frequency of liberation to the rest of humanity, and maybe some will entrain into it.

Erroneously, many in the light community believe that, at the time of the crossing, ascension and dimensional shifts will happen without effort. By merely believing that you are light, you will simply go into the light. The Nameless Light will simply read your entire energy field and will take you to the reality that matches the emotion that holds most of your psychic energy. It is only a matter of matching frequencies.

I should also mention that each of these political leaders and ideologues represent the potential for the future and that, collectively, humanity has not yet chosen which future to go into. Thus, multiple realities occupy the same space and are battling for control and dominance. The ascended tomorrow has yet to find a champion, and that reality will not become dominant until enough lightworkers will have transmuted their subconscious minds into light. Only then would entrainment occur, and the rest of the planet could then be given a choice that was not visible before.

When I look at the future, I see chaos and instability for the next 11 to 12 years. More importantly, the Trump presidency is not the dominant future. In fact, it will be fiercely contested. Curiously, no seer can perceive anything past 2027.

If any of you are in fear and feel personally wronged by the US election result, you are not neutral. This means that your judgement about the choice of others is hiding a similar but repressed emotion that you have not processed. What irritates you in others exists within. Process and transmute that inner festering feeling, and you will not feel charged any longer.

As you oppose the policies and actions of a fascist government, seek to remain neutral. There is no gain in you becoming a zealot for the resistance. For emotional blindness will then keep you corded to Trump. Rather, resist from a deep understanding and wisdom that this is for the greater good. Have preferences, but not attachments.

Every time you feel overwhelmed by fears, remember that Trump is not the Supreme Being. God has a plan. Simply take this fear into Source, and surrender it into the benevolence and kindness that is seeking to remove all pain and suffering.

My concern is not about political leaders, but that I will not communicate effectively to the light community the urgency of doing the inner work. For if this does not happen and we do not achieve a minimum 10% of volunteers standing in spiritual rectitude and verticality, when the split occurs, the ascended future will be sparsely occupied. Moreover I sense that time is of the essence and that the Galactic Equator Crossing is eminent. So far, my guides are silent about the date of this crossing. I also sense that many will be disempowered and in need of healing. I don’t know if I can help heal or save them all. This is a personal fear that I am currently taking and surrendering into Source.

Finally, the changes that are happening will be too dramatic and rapid for you to process on your own. You will need the support of a community of likeminded individuals to help you make sense of it all so that you can adapt and survive.

Friends, if you are alive at this time, you signed up for this. Stop the fear, the whining, and the self-indulgent behaviors, and become the great souls that you are. Get up and remember who you are. Do the inner work for it is by transmuting your consciousness and standing in spiritual rectitude that the rest of humanity will perceive this frequency of liberation. In your redeemed body, you will become the grounding rod that will connect this light to the earth, for you are the gates through which humanity will ascend.

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