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Into the New Earth: Preparations and Predictions 2021 and Beyond

Galactic Regent Council

Channeled by Pierre Dubois

We are the galactic Regent Council, a collective of 12 galactic elders that compose the governance of the Milky Way Galaxy. We sense your fears, distress, and confusion as your planet transits into the New Earth. For the past five years, we have been providing you with guidance, predictions, and strategies to help you move through this period with grace. Many of our predictions have happened or will happen. To save yourself many discomforts, listen like you never have before for the foundation of your reality is being deconstructed in order for you to elevate into a higher density.

We feel your collective sense of loss and grief over your lost ones and your way of life, but nothing will ever be the same or go back to normal. Between now the next seven years, your planet is transitioning into multiple parallel and higher dimensional realities. Currently, all of these realties are occupying the same space. Leading the split is a bifurcation or a separation between two paths or ways of life that appear to be the only available choices. Although this is not true, the polarizing emotions will cause a giant rift or schism between friends, nations, and family members. Each side of this split will demonize the other, and there will be no bridge to connect them. Consequently, families will be ripped apart, communities separated, and nations will break apart. This will lead to violence, riot, and civil war.

This is because the earth and your solar system is about to crest over the thickness and crust of the Milky Way Galaxy to face directly the light of the Galactic Equator – a process that occurs once every 31 million years. When this happens the Light of the Galactic Equator, which is TRUTH, AUTHENTICITY, and TRANSPENRENCY, will bathe and accelerate the evolutionary process of sentient beings, causing a shift en masse. In the Galactic Core we call this period “The Great Harvest.” Just like a harvest, the wheat is being separated from the chaff. People are coalescing by the emotions that they share with others. At the core of each reality are emotions that orbit around a shared belief. Consciously or unconsciously the emotion that dominates your energy system will connect you to the reality that you are going into. The choice as to which reality you will go into is directly related to your level of emotional intelligence. It is not an intellectual selection, rather a visceral identification and bonding with others with the same energy signature. It is a matching of frequencies.

For the vortex of a new reality to show up, there has to be a nexus point or symbolic mover/ champion who will serve as the central axis or avatar around which the emotions and ideas related to that reality will congeal. When a critical mass is achieved, the portal to the new reality will be visible and all souls gathered by this centrifuge will shift into that reality.

That being true, you may be pulled into a reality by the suppressed emotions that may be the opposite of what you intellectually hold. Who you are and where you think you are going are a different things from what vibrations and emotions subconsciously exist within. Thus, actively working on becoming more emotionally intelligent will move you to the reality of your choice more powerfully than any intellectual conviction. For example, the entire 3-D reality rotates around one activity: SURVIVAL. So as the existing paradigm is being dismantled with wild fires, hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, floods, drought, pathogens, food shortage, economic and civil unrest, you will be triggered to go into survival. The fears generated by these external events will be processed for most by letting the subconscious fear of survival dominate, causing an alignment to one side of this bifurcation. Yet neither side of this rift is the path to the New Earth. They are both on a seesaw, balancing each other out. They are linked and bound together.

Those few who are emotionally intelligent enough will realize that the trap of emotional triggers created by external chaos and fears are an opportunity to select a different path. There exists an emerging path that can only be revealed when one is disconnected from the survival emotional reaction. It is counterintuitive, for as the fear rises in you, you have to find a way to let it go and become unburdened. When the fears related to the survival shows up for you, realize that the essence of your being is free and unbounded by your fearful emotional reaction. No matter how intense and powerful the chaos is, it is still an illusion. Ask your creator or GOD CONCEPT to disconnect you to the fear, for by your own device you will not be able to do it. Disassociate your identity with the fear. If you are in panic, watch the emotional reaction like you would watch a movie. Realize that the essence of your being transcends this, and move your entire awareness into the peace and serenity of that essence. As soon as this done, you will find a transcendental way to handle the crisis at hand, and more to the point, you will begin to discern the horizon of the New Earth.

Remember the collective chaos is a teacher that is attempting to accelerate your growth and evolution. If you can do this, you will incrementally surrender the 3-D survival paradigm and begin to perceive a higher dimension of reality where interdependence into the Blessed Field will connect you a state of perpetual renewal and healing. And the pain and suffering of this world will cease to affect you. For this to happen, there have to be a few trailblazers—who by all appearances will seem delusional, but who are in fact visionary—who will carve a path toward the New Earth.

Are you brave enough to embark on this journey? Do you have the courage to chance ridicule and move toward the path less travelled? Are you called to be a volunteer to demonstrate this path to the world? All it will take is for 144,000 of you to exist in that emerging awareness, and the portal to the New Earth will be opened for you are the doorway and path. Think of it as a complex combination lock composed of 144,000 numbers or key frequencies. This will be the first wave in this process.

Once activated, the centrifuge toward the New Earth will be visible, and this will entrain others to find a third path. When 10 percent of the earth’s population will have identified with this emerging reality, the complete vortex for this third path will begin to detach from the 3-D fear-based world. This will be the second wave.

At the time of the Galactic Equator crossing, there will be three days of darkness and the 144,000 volunteers will gather with the one intention to find a PREMANENT AND SAFE PASSAGE into the New Earth. When this period of time ends, the entire collective that is emotionally bound by this interdependence to the Blessed Field will find themselves 4,429 light years away and into the New Earth. This will be the third wave.

At the moment when the sun disappears, all parallel realities and individuals that energetically identify with them will be transiting toward their final destination. This will be the moment of the final divergence and separation. Put differently, the three days of darkness will generate a lot of fears. Even if you spent your entire existence working on this transit, but find yourself to be fearful at that time, you will not travel to the New Earth and will instead move to a fear-based reality. This journey will be perilous and, without preparation, many will identify with the wrong reality.

Suggested Practice for a Graceful Transit: To prepare for this transit and final divergence, we suggest the following practices and changes for you will not be able to do this on the fly.

1. Cultivate your Relationship to the Creative Principle: The New Earth is a higher dimension, therefore holding a God Concept of a fixed creative principle as a singular point in time and space is limiting. Instead of making God in your image, try to expand it into the understanding that it may be a vast, infinite, and endless field of benevolence and super-consciousness—an emerging existence that is unlike anything that you know in 3-D.

2. Become Emotionally Intelligent: When you are triggered by fear of survival, instead of emotionally reacting from the known emotional repertoire, try to acknowledge that the fear is not your identity. It is a temporary condition that you need to understand, learn from, and process. Don’t push it away. Instead go into the fear and watch it like you would a play. Ask that you be shown its root cause and find the vulnerability that is camouflaged in it. Now surrender this vulnerability to your expanded God Concept. Ask that this burden be taken away from you.

3. Be Detached from the External Chaos and Polarization: Do not attempt to fix and repair anything. Due to the deconstruction of the existing paradigm, the world around you will seem to be falling apart. Instead of trying to stop, explain, fix, change, blame, or convince anyone, realize that this transition is a personal journey. Stop wasting your time trying to argue with individuals, friends, and family members who have been radicalized by another parallel belief system. They have already made their choice. They are not going to your reality. Let go of any attempt to control the outer world. You are not God’s assistant.

4. Surrender your entire Identity into the Emerging Paradigm: All ascension comes from an ego death. It is a phoenix principle. The rebirth into a new existence. For you to evolve into higher dimension, you have to let go of who and what you think you are. You have to become unattached to everything that exists in your life and embrace this great emptiness and luminosity that is beyond the known. It is in that vast, unknown, and emerging space that the New Earth exists. You cannot intellectually find the New Earth, you can only feel your way into it.

Beloved, we urge you to follow this practice for even if you master fifty percent of it, at the time of the Galactic Equator Crossing, you will find your way into the Promised Land.

It is a greatest hope that our few words have been of help. We in the galactic center want to cultivate in you the possibility for a great and abundant harvest. We can only influence, but we cannot act for you. As always, the choice is yours. We are the Galactic Regent Council, and we thank you for this opportunity to share.

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My gratitude is immense for this channel, filled with truth and wisdom...

Much love & light,


Replying to

I just read this post again, I am amazed by the accuracy,

thank you so much Pierre and the Galacti Regent council.

Love & Light ✨✨✨

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