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Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Dear Spiritual Family,

Nothing will ever be the same again. I know that many are trying to find a way to get back to normal. However, giving the advance stage of climate change, the violent and bipolar beliefs that are separating the world, and the collective karma that humanity has to move through to evolve into higher consciousness; we are venturing into unknown territory.

The result is that we vulnerable and expose to many dangerous and outside forces. We are in danger of death. It was not easy for me to write this; I know it is not easy to read it neither. The external chaotic events that we are facing are beyond our pay grade to control or manage. We need help.

In the recent channeling from the Galactic Regent Council, they are suggesting DAILY PRAYER as a way to ask higher Celestial Host for protection during the transition into the New Earth. In this way the landing of their predictions will be softer. I could not agree more. I am asking you all to pray daily for MERCY for ourselves and for the ones that we love. Ask that the world return back to love and that the die off, devastation, and peril that we face be tempered by DIVINE MERCY.

Understand that the Celestial Host or your Higher Power can intercede on your behalf, but they will not help if you are not asking for it. They respect your will and if you not asking, they will assume that you want to learn this on your own.

Family, humble yourself and ask for help. Realize that you may be scared and vulnerable. I am doing this and I am inviting you to join me. From time to time, I will be channeling special prayers for protection during the transit. Find below a recent transmission from Lady Quan Yin:

Om Mani Padme Hum! Om Mani Padme Hum! Om Mani Padme Hum!

Hail you be the Flower of the Lotus!

Beloved Lady Quan Ying the Boddhisatva of Compassion and Mercy

You who hear the cries and suffering of the world

Hear our prayer. We are overwhelmed by the planetary catastrophic events

Your children are afraid, in fear, and panic.

We are scared for our safety and survival in these perilous times.

Blessed mother who took the vow not to leave any soul behind, do not forsake us. Grant us your Protection, Love, and Mercy.

Create a way for us to find safe passage that the floods, hurricanes, typhons, tornados, draught, wild fires, volcanos, earthquake, and tsunamis may not harm us and those we love.

Have mercy on us! You who are the embodiment of Universal Compassion

Create a way for us to find safe passage that the diseases, pathogens, and maladies may not touch us.

Have mercy on us! May your heart have pity for our profound vulnerability.

Create a way for us to find safe passage that the violent political and social discord, strife, and war do not destroy us and the world.

Have mercy on us! You who are the embodiment of Universal Love.

Create a way for us to find safe passage that the emotional agitation, poison rhetoric, and dark demonic influences may not blind us from expressing love.

Have mercy on us! You who are the embodiment of non-attachment; help us find peace and neutrality.

We surrender all these fears, burden, and emotional disempowerments into you, Oh Mother of Mercy.

Bless us with but a drop of the elixir from your immortal flask which contains your tears and we will instantaneously be renewed, healed, and enveloped by your light, protection, and love.

May your Heart sync with our heart banishing all darkness away from us.

May the Divine and Blessed Field through you anoint us with the wisdom that will give us the clarity to find safe passage.

Grant us internal and external Peace and Serenity and let us become your agent to help bring the rest of humanity in alignment with Divine Law.

May all pain and suffering end.

May humanity align to LOVE for it is the fundamental TRUTH that binds all things.

Hail you be the Heart the Lotus Flower: Quan Yin the Mother of Mercy!

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