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Sleepwalking Through the Shift

I remember it like yesterday: the heightened expectation of the Light community that by December 21st, 2012, the Mayan Elder prophecy would come true, thus bringing the planet into a higher state of consciousness. In fact, many books, movies, and articles were written about this. On December 22nd, 2012, some claimed that the fifth dimension was here.

But a cursory look at the world today will reveal that the planet is more divisive and polarized than at any other time in history. From unpredictable weather patterns and earth changes to explosive social, political, and economic crisis, the world seems to moving into uncharted territory. The future appears to be bleak, and human shortsighted behavior over the past 150 years is the leading cause for this.

Let’s be clear. It is not the earth that is in danger. The planet will live. The planet is 4.5 billion years old and has gone through multiple cycles and ages. It will outlive us. It is the survival of the human race that is at stake. Over the past 150 years, men have disrupted the natural, interdependent, and interlinked cycles of water, air, earth, and temperature, causing this delicate balance that keeps humanity alive to be severely disrupted. It is not that we do not know better, on an intellectual level. In fact, our advancement in technological innovation is growing at an exponential rate. It is that we do not have the morality, ethics, and spiritual wisdom to govern these intellectual achievements. The fact that modern man is disconnected to his spiritual growth and evolution is the problem. This crisis is the direct result of a collective lack of elevated consciousness.

Our survival as a species has always hinged on our ability to adapt. But for that to happen, we have to examine the evidence that is around us, predict the future, and make changes to prepare for that future. For the past four years, that task has been complicated, for multiple possible futures are appearing on the horizon, causing hesitation, confusion, fear, and panic.

Maybe the Mayan prophecy was not wrong. Maybe it was misunderstood. Could it be that December 21st, 2012, was the beginning of a transition period? None of us has ever lived through a dimensional change before. Could it be that what is happening right now is exactly how one moves into a higher density? Instead of expecting a magic carpet ride on the planet, without any discomfort, waking up one day into a higher level of consciousness, maybe we have to be confronted with highly divisive issues causing us to make dramatic and polarizing choices.

Here is what my guides, the Galactic Regent Council, have to say about this: “A cosmological event that has been 31 million years in the making is about to occur. Your planet is about to cross the galactic equator. In the 250-million-year transit around the galactic center, Earth is currently being lifted above the crust of the Milky Way Galaxy, thus lining up to the Nameless Light that radiates from the galactic core. This is the galactic equator crossing. There exist eight of these crossings in one galactic year, and for us in the galactic core, these crossings represent the Great Harvest, the possibility for all sentient life-forms and planets making this crossing to ascend en mass into a higher realm.

The light from this equator is unlike anything that you know. It is the Nameless Light, and it is influencing the change and transformation of human consciousness. But it is not a shoe-in that you, as a collective, will make it. How you process, register, and understand that assistance from the Nameless Light is one of the keys to achieving success. The Nameless Light is a catalyst that is provoking the decay and destruction of all stuck energies. How you interpret and narrate that change, decay, and destruction that you are witnessing is up to you. If you are a fearful person, you will perceive more fear. If at the center of your consciousness is hope, then you will see opportunities for change and transformation. What emotional state you allow to take root in your consciousness is the key. The frequency of that state will resonate with others in a similar state, thus increasing the amplitude of that frequency until a wave function collapse is created, shifting you and all in that frequency into a matching future and reality.

The galactic equator crossing is not taking all of humanity into the same place. The planet is shifting into multiple realities. Where you go is dependent on the emotional state that exists in your subconscious mind. All the gates are opened. What you intellectually profess or identify with is typically very different from what exists in the deep recess of your subconscious mind. Without prejudice or judgment, the Nameless Light will read what exists in your subconscious mind and take you to a reality matching that state.

We see this being played out with all the divisive and scary choices with which humanity seems confronted. This is because multiple and parallel realities now occupy the same space. Each version will have selected a champion, leader, or polarizing idea that will become the center of a vortex, amassing souls for the creation of a higher amplitude of that frequency, leading to a wave function collapse. Multiple realities are fighting for control and dominance.” The Galactic Regent Council will not say when the galactic equator crossing is to happen, except that it will be in this lifetime.

I need to give the reader some advice about specific spiritual agents that have vested interests in propagating fear. Now I have spent the past month thinking about how to present this topic, for although it is the elephant in the room, it is the kind of conversation that may cause agitation. The entire population of the planet is infected by a psychic virus that is magnifying fear events in order for it to steal our Light. It is a collective of beings known by many names. Some call them inorganic beings, Wetiko, the adversary, the enemy, the accuser, fallen angels, watcher, and archon. This is a vast topic that I will attempt to summarize for you.

According to The Book of Enoch, 200 chief angels and their subordinates, who were assigned to watch and protect humanity, abandoned their post to marry the daughters of man. This was not the fall of Lucifer that took 1/3 of the angels from Heaven. This was the first fall, and it pre-dates the Luciferian fall. The result of this interspecies crossing is that the bloodline of humanity became contaminated, thus affecting the destiny and path of return of humanity. What they were after was the luminosity and brilliance of the first humans, for they had a Light that became like an addiction for them. But the first humans where too elevated and could see the fallen for who they were. But the watchers were extremely cunning and clever. They influenced and created external 3-D catastrophic events that caused the first humans to go into panic, fear, and worry about survival. Once that distraction was in place, they were able to feed on their Light.

They are highly intelligent and are masters at camouflage and shapeshifting. They cannot create any feeling inside of man that did not exist before, but they can corrupt and inflate any feeling to its most extreme and worst expression. Since the average man does not believe in fallen angels and because the root of the feeling is within him, he now believes that the entire inflated emotional reaction belongs to him.

Due to the divisive nature of the shift into higher density, the watchers have become the invisible influencers who are inflating the emotional reaction of more than seven billion people, causing planetary fear to become extreme. This is a feeding frenzy for them. Some of my students and clients have stated that nothing makes sense any more. They are simply doing what they need to do to survive. I also hear others complain about the fact that they have slowly and gradually lost interest in every aspect of their lives, a total loss of passion and excitement. It is as if they are sleepwalking through life. Now this happened so slowly and incrementally that it became unnoticeable. While this happens, some others are polarized to express the most xenophobic fears that may exist in the deep recesses of their subconscious minds. This too is an emotional inflation from the watchers.

If you want to disconnect from this psychic infection by the watchers, here is what you need to know. Accept responsibility for your negative emotions, and know the degree to which a situation or person may bother you. If your reaction is over the top, you are being influenced. This is not coming from you. That separation is the first step to gaining control. Therefore, engaging in a deep subconscious exploration to truly know yourself will torpedo the manipulation of the watchers faster than anything else.

The watchers derive their power within their camouflage. Originally, they could not deceive the first man. After you uncloak them; you simply state: “I see you. I have my eyes fixed on you. From this moment onward, you are not permitted to influence or touch me again.” This must be done factually with a spirit of neutrality. If you are in fear or are trying to battle them, they will overpower you.

Finally, according to The Book of Enoch, God sent three archangels to bind, purge, and eliminate the influence of the watchers from humanity. They are Archangel Raphael, The Cure of God; Archangel Gabriel, The Power of God; and Archangel Michael, He Who is Like Unto God. Simply ask them to remove any watcher infection from all of your bodies.

These steps need to be incorporated in your daily spiritual practice. In a matter of weeks, you will regain your passion and realize that you had been sedated. By doing this, you will be preparing yourself for the shift into higher dimension. As you bring subconscious negative emotions into Light and transform them into higher emotion, you will transition with ease through the galactic equator crossing. It is the only way to prepare for the shift and ascend the dimensional scale.

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