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The Great Harvest: Split, Shift, and Ascension

Galactic Regent Council by Pierre DuBois

From the inner horizon in the core of our Galaxy, pulses of Light are being released from a quasar, bathing you with creative powers and granting you control over your reality and hologram. We are the Galactic Regent Council, the collective of 12 Galactic Elders that compose the governance of the Milky Way Galaxy. Your world is on the threshold of a major shift, and you, dear ones, have volunteered on the soul level to co-create what that shift will look like.

The Milky Way Galaxy is a flat galaxy. It has a thickness of 100 light years, populated by one trillions planets. Above and below that field, there is empty space. Your solar system exists on the outer rim of the Milky Way and takes 250 million years to rotate around our Galaxy. This is the galactic year. Every 31 million years, your solar system clears the field of planets that blocks direct contact to the Light of the Milky Way Core by moving up or down the thickness of that field. When this happens, you are presented with a great opportunity to co-create the future of your choice. From our perspective in the Milky Way Galactic Core, we call these moments the Great Harvest. It is a time in which a large number of you on earth can ascend en masse. In one galactic year, there exist eight of these harvest times. Your planet is now rising above the thickness of the crust and approaching the crossing of the Galactic Equator, without any planets or stars blocking the way, which will signal the time for the Seventh Harvest for this galactic year.

Many of you are feeling the change. Some believe that your DNA are being changed by a wave that is bathing the earth at this moment. There is indeed a Light unlike anything you have ever known, which is washing the earth at this time. It is the “Nameless Light.” It is not a photon of light, nor is it a wave. It is a Light that assists in the manifestation of the reality of your choosing. It is a co-creative force that enhances your ability to create the reality or hologram of your choice. It is the very essence of the inner horizon in the core of our Galaxy, and crossing the Galactic Equator made up of this Light is like going through a software upgrade.

You are not at the crossing, but from now until then, you are writing the codes in the software. You are the programmer responsible for selecting the dimension and reality that you will inhabit once past the crossing of the equator. How is this being done? By the emotional state that you occupy between now and the time of the crossing. Whatever dominant emotional state you exist in at the moment of the crossing will determine what kind of reality you will move into. Your emotional state will create, with the assistance of the Nameless Light, a matching reality. The Nameless Light is not a magic carpet that will automatically grant you access to a higher realm without effort. It is a force that will factor in your emotional state and take you into a matching reality.

DNA or energetic upgrades are not enough to take you into a higher density for it is the emotional body that colors and filters the type of holographic experience that you have. If you cannot master your emotional body and the drama created by wrong perception, you will be left behind to sort yourself out. The emotional filters and colorings have to be controlled so that you can select and enter the higher realms.

For now, you will notice that you can manifest easily. Whatever thoughts or emotions you are holding will echo back to you in real life. Positive or negative, this acceleration of karma will bring to you, in real time, the result of your emotional state. This is the effect of “the quickening,” and because many of you are disempowered, multiple holograms or versions of the future are occupying the same space. Some will attract a future of fear and lack, catastrophic earth changes, global health pandemic, financial ruin and restructuring; and others will attract a blessed and ascended earth. None of these futures have been preselected. Humanity is sorting itself out, and individuals are selecting, given their level of maturity, which reality they will move into.

Understand that this quickening is a great opportunity. If you are presented in real life with an unpleasant hologram that reflects an emotional state, now is the time for you to work on mastering that emotion for what would normally take lifetimes to master can now be processed in months. Between now and the crossing, do your best to master your emotions and refine your consciousness for where you ultimately go is directly related to your level of emotional mastery. Remember that it is not just the 5-D that is accessible. All the upper gates of the Heavens are opened.

At the moment of the crossing, individuals with similar core emotional frequencies will coalesce together and create a reality and hologram to match. At that event, there will be a split of multiple realities. Each group, composed of individuals having matching frequencies, will create a wave function collapse, manifesting a separate reality. The group holding space of the ascended future will be separated from those ruled by fear and lack, global pandemic, or financial ruin and restructuring. Multiple wave function collapses will occur, and each group will be separated from the others.

It is our hope that a large number of you will select the ascended earth. We are holding space for this to happen so that the Seventh Harvest will be bountiful. But that will depend on you wayshowers who have soul-contracted to be on earth at this time. By working on your emotional mastery and refining your consciousness, you are becoming clean in front of the Throne of God. Deal with the emotional issues that are in front of you, and let this acceleration help you achieve mastery in record time. Once this is done, you can begin to entrain others into the ascended frequencies that you are holding. Remember that no one really learns by listening. People learn by modeling your behavior. You have to demonstrate and be the Light and Ascendance that you are preaching.

Something far greater than the ascendance of humanity is at stake. Suppose that, in the process of this group rescue, a collective of 700,000 humans were entrained and ascend. This is a conservative estimate, for your planet currently has seven billion people. This is only 10% of the population, but the occurrence would release a Light from the earth, extending 4,429 light years away. Keep in mind that the earth is only 26, 000 light years away from the core of the Galaxy. The influence of this en masse ascension at the Galactic crossing would be special: it would be amplified, and the waves would reach the upper worlds. Let us suppose that, instead of 700,000, half of the planet ascends. How far would the ripple travel? What kind of Light would be released?

Other worlds, other galaxies might be affected by this mass ascension. It would not be just a matter of a few hundred thousand people being aligned with their heart space, true purpose, and shifting awareness. But it would be a matter of the release of authentic truth, remembering that you are aspects of divinity, and of releasing that frequency into your quadrant of space, causing a ripple effect that would consequently affect star systems near and far. Think of a pebble being thrown into a lake, versus a rock. The ripple effects are quite different. This could change the fabric of reality as you know it and travel through the entire Universe. Therefore the volunteers who are orchestrating this rescue, you dear ones, are working for a purpose that is far greater than just the rescue of humanity. You are here orchestrating a shift in consciousness and Light that, in time, will cause the entire Universe to begin to ascend.

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