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The Sprouting of our Seeds: Predictions 2018

Updated: May 2, 2019

Galactic Regent Council

Channeled by Pierre Dubois

Greeting Dear Ones,

We are the Galactic Regent Council, the collective of 12 galactic elders that is responsible for the governance of the Milky Way Galaxy. You are living in a rare moment in time that occurs only eight times during a galactic year, a cycle during which it takes your solar system 250 million years to rotate around the galactic core. Eight times during that transit your sun wobbles up or down past the 100-light-year thickness of this flat galaxy. During these periods, the solar system is bathed directly by the Nameless Light, the creative impulse that emanates from the core of the galaxy. This is the Galactic Equator Crossing, and at every crossing, sentient life forms have the opportunity to jump up the evolutionary ladder en masse. The earth is about to go through the seventh crossing for this galactic year.

The Nameless Light is not light as you know it; rather it is scalar wave, and as such, it connects the entire cosmos through an invisible network that you could call sub-space. We have told you since 2014 that the energy of the Nameless light is: “Truth, Authenticity and Transparency.” That frequency has been steadily increasing since 2014, and all planetary institutions, systems, nations, collectives, and individuals that are not aligned to this will be exposed: all secrets will be revealed. You will notice this year many more long-held secrets and lies coming to light, personally and collectively.

There are two ways that you can learn: by grace while watching others, with a desire to change, or by karma, which is change that is forced upon you after years of stubborn denial. Change by karma is always painful and jarring. The Galactic Equator Crossing will create a continual process of rapid change and transformation. There is nothing that you can do to stop it. How that change happens you can control. Do not try to change the world, but focus on changing yourself. May we suggest that you make finding your authentic self a priority? Since the scalar wave is about Truth, Authenticity and Transparency, use that energy to help you go deep within and remove the walls of self-deceit and lies that have blinded you. Put that wind behind your sail and watch your growth accelerate at lightning speed toward ascendance. If you sincerely do this, within a year you will transform into a different being. A warning: go easy on yourself. You are going to discover things that are not flattering about yourself. Do not allow shame and undeservedness to paralyze you. Observe everything clinically and make the necessary internal correction that is needed to unify your consciousness.

In a typical lifetime, you may have three to four epiphanies. This wave of scalar energy is creating multiple reveals in one year. Many of you are overwhelmed by the rapidity of these revelations and are having a difficult time integrating the current version of yourself that will have to evolve into multiple and successive version upgrades within months. After all, this is the quickening—a period of rapid change. You need to become psychologically and spiritually agile, which is to be able to integrate the current version of yourself without rigidity so that when a new version comes in you can easily let go and transition into the process of your evolving consciousness. If you cannot do this, you will have a very difficult time, and panic and fear will set in as these reveals come through. The more you try to control what is happening internally or externally; the more pain and suffering your will experience. Surrender into authentic truth and be liberated into ascendance. The lesson is to learn how to let go of who you think you are and allow yourself to grow into what lies beyond your intellectual understanding of yourself.

Gaia is correcting the imbalance within the interdependence of the various ecosystems that humanity has created. As such, more catastrophic weather patterns—earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, flooding, mudslides, drought, and wildfires—will be in your future. How to prepare for such natural disasters? Gaia is not trying to cause you pain. She is seeking balance, and if you are in your heart space, you will hear her songs and know when to move and when to stay in place.

Your survival will depend on your ability to adapt. For this to happen you have to forecast what the future will look like to you. Once this is done, you will make the necessary changes to move into that perception. The problem is that seven billion people are not seeing the same future. In fact, there exist multiple potential futures that are competing for dominance and control while inhabiting the same space. Since you are co-creators, you are going to attract the reality that occupies most of your energy body. Pay attention, for it is not an intellectual or cognitive idea of the future that you hold in your mind; rather it is the dominant emotion that exists in your subconscious mind. Many of you exist in a state of separation, shame, and fear that you suppress and cover up with a veneer of light, goodness, and ascendance. Since whatever you resist persists, whatever emotions exist in the subconscious mind will occupy more energetic space than intellectual ideas. Socially and politically, things are going to become more polarized and divisive. This is because the multiple and competing futures and realities are seeking souls to create a critical mass that will manifest a wave function collapse, thus anchoring that future into actuality. May we suggest that you seek neutrality, for choosing any part of the pendulum swing of polarity will not stop the wheel of karma. Choosing a neutral path will ground a future of ascendance and light.

In the future horizon appears a major re-calibration of exchange, money, and debt. The first domino of a series of events that will lead to the equitable re-distribution of wealth and resources will begin. Be aware that you are the only species that has to pay and go in debt to exist on earth. From a cosmic perspective, this makes no sense. Your current financial system was created by a few to control resources and cord you into bondage and energetic obligation. Transition into a better system of exchange will begin and it may not initially seem beneficial, but once the process ends humanity will be freed from a toxic and false financial and energetic bondage into a balanced system.

When the Galactic Equator Crossing occurs, the Nameless Light will only read your dominant feeling and move you to a matching reality. Knowing this, some of you have been working on facing your inner demons and blind spots, healing, and reconciling your splintered psyche. If this is you, this year will be one of rewards. After all this deep and hard work, you will begin to see visible results. Your new and ascended self will begin to sprout. However if you have been talking about change and have not changed, this year will be hard for you. The lies that you are telling yourself will be unmasked by karma. You will reap what you sowed. Take a look at your life. Whatever situation you are experiencing is a result of your past choices. If you do not like what is sprouting, plant new seeds. Change and do the inner work that is needed as the wave of truth, authenticity, and transparency support a rapid and evolutionary transformation of your consciousness. Do not try to change the world; rather start by changing yourself.

We are the Galactic Regent Council, the collective of 12 galactic elders sending waves of love and support. We believe in you, for you volunteered to incarnate into this blue world. As you rescue yourself, you will help the rest of humanity find the path that it has forgotten.

Thank you for this opportunity to share.

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